More compact, more convenient, the mom®3 household electrical network corrector has a new form. Now offered in a 15X15 cm shape, compared to its original 23X23 cm shape, this version is better suited for the various household electrical devices on the market today. Slimmer and less bulky, it is also easier to install and fits in better with the environment, offering a much more discrete appearance. Nonetheless, its activation radius remains unchanged thanks to its new circuit board carefully designed for this format.

Reverse Electrical Radiation in Your Environment

All the electrical objects we use in our homes each day (television, telephone and Internet modems, Wi-Fi routers, Linky Meters, computers, microwaves, etc.) are directly connected to our home’s electrical meter. This meter contains an electrical network that radiates in negative polarity, emitting significant electromagnetic pollution.  Its radiation has a strong impact on all living things, devitalizing and insidiously weakening their cellular energy. The mom®3 household electrical network corrector, specifically designed for the home, protects us from this electromagnetic pollution.

“Simply placing it on your home’s electrical meter will generate scalar waves at the very heart of the electrical network, thereby propagating them to all the objects connected to it. This neutralizes all the harm caused by electrical pollution and converts it into energy that is beneficial to living beings”, Hubert Mauerer, Espace mom® leader explains.

Scalar Waves and Your Environment

The mom®3 household electrical network corrector transforms electromagnetic wave pollution into waves that are beneficial to our health. With it, you can take advantage of the benefits offered by modern technologies – without damaging our health and cellular capital in the process. The installation instructions couldn’t be easier: simply place the device directly on your home’s electrical box, and make sure you put it in direct contact with the circuit breakers. And now it is even easier to handle thanks to its new compact format and new, simpler fastening system. This mom®3 solution can also be placed under your Wi-Fi router or near any other device that emits or contains electrical radiation. However, placing it directly on the electrical meter is the most optimal solution for generating scalar waves throughout the entire building.