Energetic necklace Ani’mom®

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The mom® technology present in an energetic necklace for Animals : Ani’mom scalar energy for the energy and balance of your four-legged companions. Because the well-being of your animals is just as important as yours. Possibility to order a custom energetic necklace with an additional charge of €18 by contacting us by phone at 03 88 70 25 94 (5 weeks delivery time).

For every 4 necklaces ordered, the 5th one is free (in the same order).


Energetic necklace for animals : scalar energy for your four-legged companions

The benefits of the Ani’mom necklace

Give your faithful companions a balanced and soothing life with the energetic necklace for animals Ani’mom. Because the well-being of your animals is just as important as yours.

Protection from harmful pollution

The dog and cat version of our individual solutions to improve the well-being of our pets. The mom technology offers necessary protection through scalar waves. Indeed, animals, being often more sensitive than us to waves, are the first to feel energetic variations. They can suffer from the same symptoms as humans without being able to express it. Stress and anxiety will then weigh on the organism of our animal and generate persistent symptoms. It is possible to transform this pollution into a benefit thanks to mom technology which naturally generates scalar waves.

Energetic support for animals

This demand for energetic solutions for animals comes from our mom® users who have observed the beneficial effects of scalar waves in their own lives and wish to extend these benefits to their faithful companions. It is a natural extension of our commitment to overall well-being, affecting all family members, including pets.

Improves your animal’s body

Our companions share practically the same pathologies as us, which is why they also benefit from the benefits of scalar waves. The Ani’mom energetic necklace acts as a natural support for their body, promoting regulation of blood coagulation, accelerating healing when needed, and providing protection against external aggressions.

Technical characteristics

– Mom® technology : integrating the benefits of scalar waves for energetic support.

– Comfortable design : lightweight and adjustable to ensure comfortable wearing for animals. Several sizes available (see size guide) to fit all types of dogs and cats, possibility to make additional holes with a hole punch.

– Tested and approved by an animal welfare expert : we have developed our necklace with experts and after conducting numerous tests. The research and development part remains at the heart of our approach to improve its use and make it as enjoyable and respectful as possible.

– Choice of biothane : made with high-quality materials for increased durability. We have made the choice that corresponds to our values with a lightweight material: biothane. Ultra-resistant, it requires no maintenance, does not deteriorate when in contact with water or sweat, and is known to be unbreakable and tear-resistant.

Size guide

S (adjustable from 26 cm to 32.5 cm) total length 38 cm; width 12 mm; thickness 2.5 mm

M (adjustable from 29 cm to 38 cm) total length 44 cm; width 19 mm; thickness 2.5 mm

L (adjustable from 35 cm to 45 cm) total length 54 cm; width 25 mm; thickness 2.5 mm

XL (adjustable from 46 cm to 59 cm) total length 66 cm; width 25 mm; thickness 3.8 mm

Possibility to make a custom necklace (+ €18, 5 weeks delivery time).

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