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Monthly rental of the mom® EMF mattress shield

100.00250.00 VAT INCL.

Payment in 3 installmentsMade in FranceLifetime guaranteed technologySatisfied or refunded within 15 days

Test the most powerful mom® solutions in your professional office or at home with no purchase obligation. Only valid for shipping within Europe.


Our most powerful solution starting at 100 euros per month with our new sliding scale pricing

The benefits of the mattress

Used by therapists for years and inspired by Professor Meyl’s research on the benefits of scalar waves in quantum physics and their ability to promote bodily homeostasis, the energy mattress is our most powerful solution. It easily complements your treatment by enhancing its effects through faster results, especially in the removal of emotional and physical blockages.

How does it work? 

Step 1: Establish your contract request online or by email : the contract duration and your billing, delivery, and payment information (bank details).

Step 2: You receive the contract and the direct debit authorization debit form for electronic signature and completion (by mail only upon request). 

Step 3: Once the €500 deposit is debited, your mattress is delivered! (Deposit can be paid by bank transfer upon request). In case of contract termination, you can contact us by email.

Only valid for shipping within Europe.

Why choose mom solutions ?

  • mom® Technology : A pioneer in wave protection for 10 years, our unique technology combines innovation and the natural benefits of scalar waves to counteract the harmful effects of external electromagnetic waves such as 4G/5G antennas and surrounding WiFi networks. The mom technology is guaranteed for life.
  • Tested and certified by recognized health authorities : HadoLife certificate from the Masaru Emoto Water Laboratory and used worldwide by therapists.
  • French manufacturing : Designed and manufactured in France in a short supply chain, our solutions combine artisanal know-how and cutting-edge technology to ensure impeccable quality.

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