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Harmony pack : a healthy and balanced environment

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Payment in 3 installmentsMade in FranceLifetime guaranteed technologySatisfied or refunded within 15 days

Offer advanced protection against electromagnetic waves with our pack, specially designed for professionals and wellness centers looking to correct and harmonize their spaces to welcome their guests.

Advanced protection against electromagnetic waves

This pack, developed in collaboration with geobiologists, aims to naturally create places conducive to relaxation and rest, without requiring any work. Its sleek and minimalist design integrates perfectly into your universe. Encapsulated in each solution: mom® technology, pioneering for 10 years in scalar waves. Our environment corrector acts within a 100-meter radius, accompanied by an electrical network corrector and two scalarizers for beverages with amplified benefits.

The advantages of our Harmony pack :

Protection against electromagnetic pollution :

Mom® technology, based on the transformation of electromagnetic waves into beneficial scalar waves, protects against the harmful effects of external waves such as 4G/5G antennas and WiFi networks.

Correction and balancing of energies :

Our solutions correct pathogenic areas like water currents, faults, and geotelluric waves.

Harmonization of flows :

Scalar waves act to revitalize life as a whole, so humans, as well as plants and animals, regenerate with mom® technology. Our solutions are certified by health actors such as the Masaru Emoto water laboratory, with the HadoLife certificate.

Contents of the Harmony pack :

  • Environment Corrector: Generates scalar waves within a 50-meter radius to correct electromagnetic pollution and create a harmonious field.
  • Network Corrector: Protects against waves emitted by the electrical network, particularly Linky meters and wifi routers. Reduces symptoms of electro-sensitivity.
  • Beverage Correctors (2 units): Transforms beverages into a positive energy source, amplifying their benefits.

How to obtain the “Corrected Environment” label ?

The label guarantees that the space is protected, corrected of pathogenic areas, and harmonized by scalar waves, thus offering a serene experience to your guests and the people you support.

Who is our Harmony Pack for ?

  • Geobiologists: Complete your diagnosis with mom® solutions for a healthy and balanced environment.
  • Tourism and relaxation venues: Offer an optimal experience by proposing an environment corrected of the effects of electromagnetic waves.
  • Businesses and co-working spaces: Meet the protection requirements of employees by offering a healthy workspace.

Why choose our Mom® solutions ?

  • Mom® technology : Pioneer in anti-wave protection for 10 years, our unique technology combines innovation and natural benefits of scalar waves to correct the harmful effects of external electromagnetic waves such as 4G/5G antennas and surrounding WiFi networks. Mom technology is guaranteed for life.
  • Tested and certified : HadoLife certificate from the Masaru Emoto water laboratory and used daily by recognized geobiologists worldwide.
  • French manufacturing : Designed and manufactured in France in short circuits, our solutions combine artisanal know-how and cutting-edge technology to ensure impeccable quality.

Discover our installation tips in video :

Watch the geobiologist webinar

Certified and recommended by the Hado Life laboratory

The analysis of pure water exposed to mom® technology according to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s method reveals a harmonization of water crystals. The shape observed in frozen water suggests that this ordered and harmonious crystalline structure is favorable to the good health of the environment and all forms of life.


The tests were conducted by Mr. Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, a certified engineer with a Master of Science, director of the Masaru Emoto laboratory, and examined under a dark-field microscope at -5°C, whose results you will find below. Mom® devices have been certified and recommended by the Hado Life laboratory since 2017.

Full article on our HADO LIFE certificate

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