Mom®33 scalar tray

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The mom 33 scalar tray offers an innovative and practical approach to charging your foods, dietary supplements, and essential oils with scalar energy.

For every 4 trays ordered, the 5th one is free (in the same order).

Embrace a healthy and energetic diet with our scalar tray

Benefits of the scalar tray

  • Transforms the effects of pollution : scalar waves act at the cellular level to neutralize the harmful effects of pollution present in foods.
  • Improves the vitality and freshness of products : foods regain their original vitality and freshness thanks to the revitalizing action of mom technology.
  • Charges with scalar energy : the scalar tray amplifies and enhances the natural benefits present in foods, essential oils, and dietary supplements.

Instructions for use

Simply place your foods, essential oils, or dietary supplements on the tray to benefit from scalar energy. With the integrated mom technology, this plateau acts as a scalar wave generator. Correction is made after 15 seconds.

It is recommended to consume the foods shortly after placing them on the plateau to preserve the benefits of scalar energy.

Technical characteristics

Material : Ash wood

Dimensions : 41x16x7.5cm

Integrated Mom Technology : tray equipped with advanced mom technology to charge your foods and drinks with beneficial scalar energies.

Why choose mom solutions ?

  • Mom® technology : A pioneer in anti-wave protection for 10 years, our unique technology combines innovation and the natural benefits of scalar waves to correct the harmful effects of external electromagnetic waves such as 4G/5G antennas and surrounding WiFi networks. Mom technology is guaranteed for life.
  • Tested and certified by recognized health professionals : HadoLife Certificate from the Masaru Emoto water laboratory and used worldwide by therapists.
  • French manufacturing : Designed and manufactured in France in a short circuit, our solutions combine artisanal expertise and cutting-edge technology to ensure impeccable quality.

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