By definition, chronic illnesses are illnesses with a long duration that, generally, progress slowly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they are responsible for 63% of deaths, or 36 million people worldwide, making them the leading cause of death. Heart disease, strokes, respiratory illnesses and diabetes are some of the chronic illnesses 20 million French residents suffer from, a third of the population. Whether they manifest in a physical, psychological and/or cognitive nature over the long term, all of them represent a major hindrance to the daily lives of those who suffer from them. “Mom® solutions do not simply wave a magic wand on illnesses that have been in our bodies for years, nor do they replace medical treatments for those illnesses. But the scalar energy they generate, which acts on the heart of human cells, has demonstrated a healing action with regard to these illnesses,” Hubert Mauerer, head of Espace mom®, proclaims. This is evidenced by the number of testimonials given by our users suffering from chronic illnesses. A general sense of wellbeing, lessening of symptoms and stabilization of their illnesses are some of our most common feedback.

The mom® 108 Healing Mattress – Overall Action on Cell Heart

The mom® 108 scalar energy healing mattress, thanks to its energy balancing, calming and revitalizing properties is one of the most suitable mom® solutions for chronic illnesses. They activate our global metabolic regulation process in a rather complex manner. As shown by Dr. Azis El Amrani-Joutey, a doctor of medicine and medical sciences, endocrinologist, immunologist and vice president of the Lausanne International Academy for Applied Complementary Medicine, “the scalar energy produced by this system ‘propels’ subtle healing mechanisms and, especially, synchronization. In fact, illnesses are often the result of synchronization issues that create problems with our immune system and endocrine system. So using the mom® 108 healing mattress activates this potential and generates synchronization processes crucial to any therapy.” 

Reinvigorate Your Body’s Defenses

The main advantage of the mom® 108 scalar energy healing mattress is that someone suffering from a chronic illness can lay their entire body on its surface composed of Lakhovsky oscillating circuits and “recharge” their body with this healing energy that is scalar waves. A precursor to biophysics and electromagnetic medicine at the beginning of the 20th century, George Lakhovsky developed several devices used to restore the vibratory balance of life and the health of animals, plants and people. The work he carried out on cancer at the Pitié-Salpétrière hospital in Paris in this field has been recognized by the Academy of Sciences and many doctors. Later taken up by physicist Nicolas Tesla, this work now forms the basis of mom® solutions. As a scalar energy generator and containing global biological information from plants and minerals, the mom® 108 scalar wave healing mattress relaxes, recenters and provides many benefits depending on the user’s sensitivities. But above all, it activates our metabolic regulation process and helps boost our immune and endocrine systems, which is critical to any therapy.