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The first anti-electromagnetic wave label to reward places and spaces committed to fighting harmful pollution. Specially adapted for professionals as well as wellness centers concerned with maintaining an environment conducive to well-being.

How to get the Corrected Environment label?

This is the first anti-electromagnetic wave label for places and spaces committed to fighting harmful pollution. We have designed with experienced geobiologists the “Corrected Environment” label which guarantees that pollution from computers, WiFi routers, Linky meters, and other connected objects as well as antennas and telluric waves are neutralized thanks to the 3 essential solutions for correcting a place. The label is integrated into our Harmony Pack.

Label envrionnement protegee

Who is our Corrected Environment label for ?


Mom® solutions for habitat and professional environment complementary to your diagnosis. Designed in collaboration with experts, it ensures a healthy, balanced environment conducive to well-being and productivity. It allows for delivering the Corrected Environment label which guarantees that pollution from connected devices is transformed into beneficial scalar waves.

Tourism and relaxation venue 

Moving around in an unfamiliar environment is a real challenge for people sensitive to waves, few accommodations offer a place corrected from the effects of electromagnetic waves. It’s time to offer a protected accommodation offer for an optimal sleep and travel experience. Yoga center, spa, and relaxation places, a scaled environment is conducive to relaxation, exchange, and communication. Make a difference with our Corrected Environment label.

Companies and co-working spaces 

A decree on the protection of employees has existed since 2017 and today offering a healthy work space becomes essential. Electrical devices are predominant in companies. Pollution directly affects the productivity of employees with symptoms recognized by health authorities: migraine, anxiety, dizziness, etc. Act for the well-being of your employees.

Our label guarantees :

Space protected from electromagnetic pollution

Our solutions protect from the harmful effects of external electromagnetic waves such as 4G/5G antennas and surrounding WiFi networks. We use Mom® technology based on the principle of transforming electromagnetic waves into beneficial scalar waves. A process developed by numerous scientists, including Nikola Tesla and Dr. Meyl.

Correction and Balancing of Energies

Our solutions will correct pathogenic zones such as water currents, faults, and geotelluric waves. Scalar waves will improve the harmony of the habitat/human/animal/plant and allow for a smooth circulation of energy. Our holistic approach to a healthy and environmentally friendly habitat also focuses on the physical and emotional well-being of the inhabitants while preserving the energetic balance of indoor spaces.

Harmonization of Flows

The effects on humans include reducing symptoms of electro-sensitivity, reducing stress, and improving sleep. It is also noted that plants have increased growth and animals have a better well-being. Our solutions have been tested and certified by recognized health actors such as Masaru Emoto’s water laboratory. We have obtained the HadoLife certificate.

The action of our solutions

correcteur environnement mom

Environment Corrector

The corrector generates scalar waves within a radius of about 50 meters, or a diameter of 100 meters, to correct electromagnetic pollution present in your immediate environment and also nearby sources such as neighborhood WiFi waves, geotelluric waves, and relay antennas.

  • Advanced protection : neutralizes harmful waves and creates a harmonious field.
  • Geobiological benefits : balancing of different energies traversing the establishment.

Network Corrector

The electrical network corrector protects you from waves emitted by the entire electrical network by transforming all waves emitted by cables and all connected devices into scalar waves. It is particularly used to protect against Linky meters and WiFi routers.

  • Reduction of electro-sensitivity symptoms : The network corrector eliminates or significantly attenuates effects such as headaches, buzzing, fatigue, anxiety, sensation of body heating, dizziness, etc.
  • Quick and non-invasive installation : the mom®3 corrector simply installs on the electrical panel.
correcteur de réseau électrique

Beverage Corrector (2 units)

The mom®11 beverage corrector is presented as an easy-to-use base that accommodates any type of container (cup, glass, pitcher, thermos, etc.). A true generator of scalar waves, it neutralizes the effects of harmful components present in all types of beverages (water, juice, herbal tea, tea, coffee, wine, etc.) in just 15 seconds. To enjoy the benefits optimally, the beverage should be consumed directly after or shortly after being subjected to the scalarizer. The device also amplifies the benefits of your beverages.

  • Water energization and scalarization : transforms water into a source of positive energy.
  • Contributes to balance : promotes harmony in beverages, enhancing their impact on well-being.

Our solutions

Learn about mom® energy therapy

The electromagnetic wave therapy to deeply heals and boosts your metabolism. Our partners are trained to perform the mom® energy therapy on the mom® 108 scalar wave healing mattress. The result of two years of research, the healing mattress is composed of a set of oscillating circuits over its entire surface, based on the work of Lakhovsky and Tesla. mom® energy therapy is composed of several phases that gradually help the body regenerate, reduce pain and lessen electrosensitivity symptoms. 

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