While sitting and standing are natural positions for humans, frequently repeated postures can cause pain in certain key areas of the body or lead to genuine health concerns, such as joint disorders or circulatory diseases. Sore feet or lower backs, stiff joints in the neck or shoulders, poor blood circulation (swollen legs or feet, varicose veins), as well as a state of generalised muscular fatigue, are some of the consequences most often observed among shop assistants, hairdressers, restaurant waiters, or even machine operators and assembly-line workers. These are all occupations that require a lot of standing. But prolonged sitting also has a negative impact on health: musculoskeletal disorders, back problems, sleep disorders, stress and, above all, the lack of physical activity can lead to weight issues and obesity. These pathologies are characteristic of sedentary trades, such as office workers, taxi or lorry drivers, as well as supermarket cashiers. Ironically, the health industry has some of the most “seated” jobs, on par with the agri-food and energy sectors.

Sit or lie down with the mom® energy mattress and cushion

On a physiological level, human beings are not supposed to maintain the same posture over long stretches of time. It is essential to mix things up (lying down, sitting, standing, walking) to avoid unnatural and excessive strain on the body. In line with the mom® scalar wave energy mattress, we have developed an energy cushion that is especially useful for prolonged sitting and standing, as it naturally generates beneficial quantum waves. Both products are subtle and valuable aids for people who need to adopt prolonged postures, helping them rebalance their overall body energies to soothe pain and promote vitality.

A mom® solution that follows you anywhere

The main benefit of the mom® energy cushion is that it is more compact and practical to use than the mom® energy mattress. You can take the energy cushion with you anywhere and use it on an armchair or chair, in the office or at home, on a car seat or even on the floor during a yoga class. Using scalar energy, it will completely rebalance the cellular environment of your body. The mom® energy cushion is the ideal companion for soothing pain caused by prolonged standing or sitting, and can also be used for relaxing and refocusing.