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Our energy pendants, necklaces, and bracelets against electromagnetic waves generate revitalizing and beneficial scalar waves

How to reduce your stress with scalar waves ?

With the influx of technology in our lives, electromagnetic pollution continues to increase. Daily, we are exposed to waves from phones and WiFi. The arrival of 5G and Linky meters aggravates the symptoms of electro-sensitive people. Stress, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and even depression in some cases are becoming more frequent. Mom® pendants are the anti-wave solution to protect yourself daily through the process of generating beneficial scalar waves. Electromagnetic pollution is the “engine” that amplifies the effects of Mom® energy pendants to generate vital waves for well-being. Ideal for EHS, just wear it as a necklace to neutralize pollution and restore your well-being.

How to choose your energy pendant ?

We have developed different protective pendants against electromagnetic waves: mom® 1, mom®6 Serenity, and mom®6 Wood. Each pendant generates scalar waves that create a sensation of energetic well-being. The mom® 1, made of Olive wood, can be worn as a necklace or in a pocket of your clothes. It significantly reduces or eliminates headaches and discomfort in the presence of electromagnetic pollution. The mom®6 pendant is inspired by the mom® environmental corrector. It is shaped like a small purple cube with relief for a greater scalar wave penetration capacity. Its relief allows it to have multidirectional radiation power. A more compact and discreet format makes it the ideal companion for electro-hypersensitive (EHS) individuals. We also created a wooden version, mom®6 Wood, inspired by the responsible design of our mom® 1 pendant. All our energy pendants also support practitioners in their practice and care delivery.

How to choose between a pendant and a bracelet ?

The energy bracelet offers a more discreet individual solution that can be worn throughout the day at work, during sports, at home, and even while sleeping! It stimulates the Pericardium meridian, responsible for emotional regulation, located on the wrist. Its more compact antenna has an action capacity proportional to its smaller size compared to energy pendants. However, it also works on rebalancing the right and left sides of the body by placing the bracelet according to your needs (right or left wrist) to regulate energy flows, especially between masculine and feminine energies.

Is there an anti-wave necklace for animals ?

Yes, Espace mom offers to improve the well-being of dogs and cats with the Ani’mom energy collar. Scalar waves have shown their effectiveness not only on humans but also on animals. By wearing the Ani’mom collar, your companions will benefit from advanced protection against electromagnetic waves, while harmonizing their energy and reducing anxiety. The collar was developed with an animal wellness expert for optimal comfort. Offer them a healthier and more balanced life with our Ani’mom energy collar.

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