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We develop devices that act deeply to regenerate your cellular organism.

What are the effective treatments to reduce stress naturally ?

According to ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy, everything releases energy. Our body has its own healing abilities and power of transformation. When we become aware of this in our daily life, it can provoke great changes in our physical space and emotional well-being. Espace mom® designs treatments that activate the body’s cellular regeneration and soothe the mind. The goal is to promote guided meditation and mindfulness through the benefits of scalar waves. Our most powerful solution is also used by wellness professionals and therapists around the world for decades to enhance the benefits of therapies.

The benefits of meditation

Electromagnetic pollution reduces our physical and mental energy. Day after day, we become prisoners of stress and pain. There is a simple and accessible solution for everyone to regain your serenity: mindfulness meditation. This meditation is guided by a therapist or at home following the advice of Espace mom®’s energy treatment. The treatment acts on your sleep, reducing fatigue and ailments related to electro-sensitivity. Scalar waves operate a transformation inside your body by activating the metabolic regulation process. At the end of your meditation, your natural defenses are stronger and form an effective barrier against pollution. The mind becomes calm and more resistant to stress.

Deep and restful sleep

Sleep is one of the essential pillars of a good quality of life and that is why we decided to create a more comfortable version of our scalar wave energy mattress mom®. Passionately designed by Espace mom®, here is our scalar wave energy mattress topper mom® which combines the power of mom® technology with the incomparable comfort of memory foam, offering a unique sleep experience with scalar waves.

Scalar-charged water on a daily basis

The mom®11 drink corrector is an easy-to-use base that accommodates any form of support (cup, glass, carafe, thermos, etc.). A true generator of scalar waves, it neutralizes the harmful components present in all types of beverages (water, juice, herbal tea, tea, coffee, wine, etc.) in just 15 seconds. To fully enjoy the benefits, the drink should be consumed directly after or shortly after being exposed to the corrector. The device also amplifies the benefits of your drinks.

Scalarized and vitalized diet

Mom technology adapts to your daily life with a beautiful wooden tray that scalarizes your foods, dietary supplements, and essential oils. It depollutes, revitalizes, and amplifies the benefits through the power of scalar energy. An ideal ally for a healthy diet, it will quickly become essential in your kitchen, as you just have to place the foods and enjoy their freshness on your plate.

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