During the winter season, when viruses and other microbes are at their peak, it is important to regularly clean and purify the air in your living areas. Regularly airing rooms at home and at the office are essential to preventing elements that are harmful to your health from settling in and multiplying. That said, depending on where you live or work, the outside air quality may leave a lot to be desired. Contrary to expectations, even when viruses or other bacteria are not rampant, the quality of the indoor air is not necessarily better than the outdoor air. There are a range of sources of pollution, including chemical compounds in household cleaning products, solvents in paints or perfume and phthalates. There is also mold and the multiple allergens are emitted by plant, pets and dust mites. The list goes on. In 2014 the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health (Anses) put the number of premature deaths caused by the most well-known indoor air pollutants at almost 20,000 per year.  

Immediately clean and purify air

While we may be powerless to change the quality of the air outdoors in (in France it is the 3rd highest cause of avoidable death after smoking and alcohol consumption), we are able to do so at home. That’s where scalar energy is particularly helpful, especially with the mom® EMF blocker. By spontaneously generating this particular unique type of wave, it not only converts electromagnetic waves into waves that are good for all living beings, but also considerably improves the air quality in the room where it is placed. It protects the home from any pollution within a 100 m (330 ft) radius. Using the mom® technology on which it is based, polluted or infected areas are immediately corrected and the air in the room is cleaned and purified. 

Proven and approved by Hado Life laboratory

To demonstrate the effectiveness of mom® solutions, Hubert Mauerer, creator of these devices and Espace mom® representative, went to Austria to visit the Hado Life laboratory founded by Dr. Masaru Emoto. As with the mom®3 plate and the mom® necklaces, the mom® EMF blocker cube was subjected to water crystal analysis by the Japanese doctor. The results obtained showed crystallized water “in order and harmony”. The proof, according to the theories established by the doctor, is that the scalar energy emitted by the mom® devices is very positive at a vibrational level. For this reason mom® solutions have been certified by Hado Life laboratory. Just as negative waves in the water drops tested were transformed and purified using highly positive vibratory fields, those in the ambient air are also transformed using the mom® EMF blocker, as scalar energy naturally promotes good health in the environment for all forms of life. 

The Espace mom® team