Mom® solutions are not easy work. The scalar energy they generate, capable of absorbing electromagnetic waves in the environment and converting them into beneficial waves that heal living things, is created through a simple shift in their polarity and rooted in quantum physics. This area of physics combines a set of theories formulated in the 20th century to describe the behavior of atoms and particles and help elucidate certain properties of electromagnetic radiation. The discoveries behind it are highly mathematical and rather complex from a conceptual standpoint. Between the world of the infinitely small (elementary particles) and that of the infinitely large (the Big Bang and quantum cosmology), this quantum mechanism is active in every aspect of our lives. Even though it has held up since its emergence, we still have problems interpreting it, mostly the result of a few paradoxes that still need to be hammered out. This is why quantum physics remains an unfinished field in constant change.

Scalar waves, the Missing Link Between Classic and Quantum Physics

Discovered and researched by Nikola Tesla (1856—1943), Serbian-American inventor and engineer, who demonstrated a form of energy “not accepted by conventional science”, since it appeared to be “a force from nowhere, propagated in the form of helical, longitudinal waves and able to be transmitted remotely”, scalar waves are set to be a milestone in the unification of classic physics, quantum physics, biology and medicine. A type of missing link between quantum and classic physics, they allow us to get past the roadblocks of the theory of relatively. These waves go ignored by some physicists since they cannot be measured like Hertzian waves, but are cited by others as vectors of unlimited energy and the base of cell communication, especially between DNA molecules that, like them, have helical shaped antenna. The cellular communication of all living things, both within cells and among them, then takes place through a scalar mechanism. So it should be easy to see how necessary these waves are to all living things and the essential role they play in terms of rebalancing energy in their cellular environments.

Quantum physics, medical solution of tomorrow?

If these scalar waves pass through us every second of our lives, if they effectively nourish all forms of life by harmonization, by making DNA and proteins and like the metals present in each living being, vibrate or oscillate, “domesticating” these waves could be a true revolution in the medical world. Some scientists are quick to affirm whether the medicine of tomorrow will or will not involve (quantum) physics, going so far as to claim that a lack of scalar energy options could be considered a disregard of potential treatments for diseases. In this scenario, treatments implementing physics and scalar energy solutions along with the best chemistry prescriptions will be a great challenge for doctors to take up. As for quantum physics researchers, they will have to prove their advances by then and work on explaining the unexplained that scalar energy represents for the medical world, in order for them to be systematically included in treatments.