Alexandra Lobbens, private nurse in Alpes-Maritimes

How did you discover mom® devices?

A friend of mine had nothing but great things to say about it, after which I went to a wellness fair in Mandelieu where I met Hubert Mauerer. I explained to him that I had been suffering from generalized endometriosis for three years and that I had just had my uterus removed. And was deadline with three years of intense pain and heavy medications, such as morphine. By talking with him, we realized that the hot plates that I was using to cook very likely had a negative impact on my abdomen and ovaries. He suggested that I use the mom®3 electrical network corrector, which I placed on my home’s electrical meter. After a month, I realized that my pain had completely disappeared and that I had restful nights for several weeks without any medication. This improvement in my health is directly linked to the installation of this mom® solution on my home’s electrical network.

You also use the mom® mini cube pendant. Why?

My health has noticeably improved and stabilized after I set up the mom®3 electrical network corrector.  On the other hand, when I traveled across large cities or when I found myself exposed to heavy electromagnetic waves, the pain reappeared, pushing me to take the strong medication that I had managed to let go. Convinced of the benefits of scalar energy following my experience with the electrical corrector, I purchased the mom® mini cube pendant. After wearing it for a week, the pains disappeared completely, allowing me to stop taking the medication once again. Since then, I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing it every day, especially when I’m outdoors and when I have to travel around town. I really feel its healing effect and the protection it provides from the electrohypersensitivity I visibly suffer from.

As a nurse, you have chosen to use the mom® 108 scalar wave healing mattress at your practice.

Yes, and I don’t regret it. Its effects really amplify the healing process. My patients, like my husband’s, who works in naturopathy, particularly appreciate it. They all notice the wellbeing it provides them as well as the state of calm and relaxation, such as the micro-vibrations it generates. We even treated a pregnant woman, who came here for most of her pregnancy specifically so she could lie on this scalar wave healing mattress. She says that she felt her baby, like herself, needed it. When I’m feeling a little sluggish in the office, I lie down on one for about twenty minutes. It feels like I’m plugging into an electrical outlet that gently recharges me and boosts my energy. Today, I am totally convinced of the many healing effects mom® devices have on my wellbeing and health. Scalar waves have undeniably changed my life.