Inspired by the mom® environment corrector, a six-sided cube with each side containing a 22cm oscillator with a multidirectional range of approximately 100 meters, the mini cube is the newest addition to the mom® energy pendant line. Just like the mom®1 and mom®2 pendants, its benefits are focused directly on the person wearing it. The main difference here is that the three-dimensional, six-sided shape gives it larger scalar wave penetration abilities than its dual-sided two-dimensional counterparts. While the wave propagation of the mom®1 and mom®2 is essentially vertical, this mini cube has truly multidirectional wave propagation.

Does smaller mean stronger?

Just over 15 millimeters on each side and contained in a 3D printed purple case, the mom® mini cube pendant ends up emitting more powerful scalar waves than its counterparts. This is what people who have had the opportunity to wear it say, explaining a more in-depth feeling of activation. Like the mom®1 and mom®2 energy pendants, the mom® mini-cube converts the electromagnetic waves we are constantly exposed to into waves that benefit our bodies. The mini cube is the perfect solution to protect ourselves from the everyday, external electromagnetic attacks we all face (cell phones, DECT, Wi-Fi, 5G technology, etc.), thanks to its ability to convert this EMF pollution into waves that benefit all forms of life. The added benefit is that it’s much more discreet than the mom® 1 and mom® 2 pendants thanks to its compact profile.

The Power of the mom®2, Concentrated and Amplified

Eventually, we hope for the mom® mini cube energy pendant to completely replace the more imposing mom®2 pendant with its 11 centimeter diameter. Just like the originals, the mom® mini-cube brings calm to those who wear it and soothes stress, anxiety and pain, nourishing the heart of our cells with healing energy. Also based on the work of Georges Lakhovsky, the mom® mini cube energy pendant comes from technologies on the cutting edge of current scientific knowledge. The main component, its passive electronic circuit, contains global biological data (phylogenesis) of plants and minerals. Helping in its wearer’s overall energy rebalance, it’s a perfect complement to other bioenergy medicine and a tool to help other energy therapists better treat their patients. Its compact profile and power make it an essential ally for those suffering from electrohypersensitivity (EHS) or anyone particularly receptive to electromagnetic waves. This new mom® energy pendant will be sold for €195. You will soon be able to buy it from our website.