Although they may be undetectable by current scientific measurements based solely on electromagnetic frequencies, scalar waves are everywhere, at all times. We find them in spherical celestial bodies, such as the sun and moon, particularly effective transmitters of this life energy that has nourished us since the dawn of time. 50% of our energy needs could be provided by this invisible cosmic light that constantly rains down on the earth. The sun, in its own right, is the main source of this “scalar background noise” that is essential to all forms of life, emitting more than 60 billion neutrinos per second per square centimeter of the earth! However, these scalar waves are not the gift of just one celestial body: every living thing, whether human, animal or plant, is capable of emitting and receiving these healing waves, just on different scales. Our DNA, which propagates in a spiral or helix shape, resonates perfectly with these magnetic waves, which also propagate in a similar manner, allowing it to naturally absorb or emit this, let’s say, invasive, life source energy. This means each and every millimeter of an organism is both a receptor and an emitter of spiral or scalar waves.

Radiating scalar energy – learn how!

The human body possess all it needs to naturally produce scalar waves. Unfortunately, our lifestyles and educational and societal upbringing most often prevent us from connecting with this vital energy within ourselves and, even worse, from amplifying it. Mediation has demonstrated that we can modify and enhance what we call Tesla Waves, named after Nicolas Tesla, the godfather of scalar energy. During a meditative state, we try to “visualize our thoughts” as they pass by. And concentrating on these thoughts creates electromagnetic voltage in our brains. We also know that scalar energy exists during all electromagnetic processes and controls information exchange between an organism’s cells. So when our brain enters a modified state of consciousness, our ability not only to receive these types of waves but also to emit them increases. This can transform our brain waves into alpha or even theta waves, which allow us to better receive and radiate this type of healing environmental energy. This gives us the feeling of wellbeing and relaxation and results in overall positive effects on our health. Not to mention the elevation in our vibrational frequency, which allows us to attract people and situations that vibrate at the same level.

Nature’s Healing Energy

Hopefully now you can see the benefit of working to achieve these modified states of consciousness to elevate our Tesla Waves. When it comes to mom® devices – which naturally generate scalar energy – they become imperative in our quest to radiate more of this life energy. Still, immersing ourselves in the natural world remains one of the simplest ways to “fill up” on these natural energies, and especially in places where earth energies are higher. Even if you don’t use mom® devices to counter the EMF pollution that can still persist in these natural environments, wearing them around replenishing energies works very well in tandem with mother nature’s beneficial effects on our wellbeing.