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Mom® EMF mattress shield

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Payment in 6 installmentsMade in FranceLifetime guaranteed technologySatisfied or refunded within 15 days

The energetic mattress with scalar waves mom® is the tool for therapists and wellness professionals working on holistic and energetic health. 

The result of years of research, the energetic mattress is our most powerful solution. It is composed of a surface covered with a set of oscillating circuits based on the work of Lakhovsky and Tesla. As a generator of scalar waves, it acts on all levels according to the needs of the person you are accompanying: physical, emotional, and mental. 


Multiply the benefits of your therapies with the most powerful mom solution : the energy mattress

The benefits of the energetic mattress mom®

– Promotes a state of deep relaxation : The mattress enhances the therapist’s treatment and promotes a relaxation experience conducive to receiving energetic or therapeutic care. It relaxes, centers, and brings a feeling of serenity that helps release physical and emotional blockages. Scalar waves positively influence biological processes, promoting homeostasis. 

– Rebalances the cellular environment : Through bio-resonance effect, the mattress helps the body recover from attacks caused by exposure to harmful waves. It activates cellular regeneration, contributes to blood coagulation regulation, accelerates tissue healing, and reduces stress symptoms. 

– Mobilizes defense energies and reaction processes : Scalar waves boost the immune and endocrine systems. The body can more easily defend against attacks, leading to a reduction in chronic and inflammatory pain. The benefits of therapy are enhanced, and the harmony between the therapist and the person being accompanied is intensified. 

Scalar waves boost the immune and endocrine system. The body can more easily defend itself against attacks and there is a reduction in chronic and inflammatory pain. The benefits of therapy are enhanced and the harmony between the therapist and the person being treated is multiplied.

Instructions for use

The mattress can be easily placed on a massage table or on the floor. It is easily transportable thanks to its carrying bag for therapists providing home care or treatments in various locations. For those offering remote treatments, the person receiving the care can lie on an energetic mattress during the transmission to enhance the treatment. For lasting and profound effects, we recommend regular and daily sessions of at least 25 minutes. Additional time can only be beneficial according to individual needs (sleep, quiet time, reading, meditation, etc.). 


“The mattress is a friend, it is there and does its job, amplifying mine for better physical, emotional, and mental well-being. I can no longer imagine doing a treatment session without it on the table. In fact, it is also a good companion for me as it facilitates my centering and availability to the patient. It adapts and provides each person with what they need at the moment. A person came with sciatica and unbearable pain. After about twenty minutes on the mattress, she relaxed, surrendered, and with confidence, she spontaneously entered an alpha state, close to restful sleep, with calm and deep breathing. I gave her an acupressure treatment. At the end of the session, over 50% of the pain was gone, and she could walk more easily.” 

Sylvie, therapist

“It brings relaxation in 15-20 minutes to a person who may be stressed, tired, tense, allowing the treatment to be more direct and therefore more effective for them; sometimes even treating the issue in fewer sessions. The mattress provides a surface larger than the body’s surface, surrounding it. While I work progressively in different areas depending on the issue to be treated, the mattress harmonizes globally, and together, the mattress and I constitute a harmonization unit for the well-being of the person who, almost every time, no longer wants to leave the treatment table because they feel so good there.” 

Martine, TCM therapist

scalar energy

“The scalar mom® mattress subtly activates a global metabolic regulation process. It is a system of global synchronization, and the scalar energy produced by this system ‘propels’ subtle healing mechanisms and especially synchronization. Indeed, diseases are often the result of a synchronization disorder that challenges the immune and endocrine systems. Therefore, using the mom® mattress activates this potential and generates a synchronization process that is the basis of any therapy. Experiences with this mattress confirm this.” 

Testimonial from Dr. Aziz EL AMRANI-JOUTEY

Medical Doctor and Medical Sciences, Endocrinology and Immunology,Naturopathy and Bioenergetics, University Diploma in Neuro-Endocrinology and Chronobiology
Vice-President of SIRES (International Society for Research on Environment and Health)
Vice-President of the International Academy of Lausanne in Applied Complementary Medicine

Why choose mom solutions ?

  •  mom® Technology : a pioneer in anti-wave protection for 10 years, our unique technology combines innovation and the natural benefits of scalar waves to correct the harmful effects of external electromagnetic waves such as 4G/5G antennas and surrounding WiFi networks. mom technology is guaranteed for life. 
  • Tested and certified by recognized health actors : HadoLife certificate from the Masaru Emoto water laboratory and used worldwide by therapists.
  • Made in France : Designed and manufactured in France in a short circuit, our solution combines craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to ensure impeccable quality.

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