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Scalar waves—the medicine of tomorrow to protect against electromagnetic waves and improve health and wellbeing.

Electromagnetic Waves

All electromagnetic waves are spiral shaped and rotate on all axes (vertical and horizontal polarization). We describe them as having circular polarization.

Natural waves that are beneficial to life are horizontally polarized.

Vertically polarized waves are in phase opposition with life waves. This disrupts our electron barrier and the fragile balance of the micro-electric communication networks used by our cell nuclei and the cell nuclei of all living things, as described by bioelectronic pioneer Louis-Claude Vincent.

This disruption or biological alteration, however slight, nonetheless interacts with all the laws of physics in a highly complex manner.

Note: Vertically polarized waves interfere with natural waves since they go against the “grain” of the polarization patterns we see in nature.

How Scalar Energy Works

Shifting Wave Polarization

Vertically polarized electromagnetic waves are converted into horizontally polarized waves by creating a 90° shift in their polarization.

Generating Scalar Fields

This shift creates a superposition of concentric, convergent waves and concentric, divergent waves—and when these waves meet, they produce scalar energy. Scalar energy is also called “scalar waves” or “standing waves.”

A standing wave is the result of the superposition of a convergent EM wave and a divergent EM counter wave of the same frequency and amplitude.

There are two simultaneous movements in opposite directions: one of a convergent concentric EM wave and one of a concentric divergent EM wave.

This superposition of in-phase EM waves (amplified waves with an increasing amplitude) is called a scalar field. Superposing these in-phase waves increases the energy at their centers, since their amplitudes have also increased.

To summarize:

  • A convergent wave is a wave that moves inward to the center.
  • A divergent wave is a wave that moves outward from the center.

What are the principles behind mom® devices?

How do mom® devices work?

It’s the combination and result of different research including that of Georges Lakhovsky and his multiple wave oscillator, and Nicola Tesla and his “energy conversion.”

How do you create your EMF protection devices?

Studies revealed a type of radiation emitted by an oscillator, a dextrorotatory horseshoe-shaped torsional wave released by mom® devices. A type of conical wave was revealed when studying scalar waves and torsional waves. mom® devices emit conical dextrorotatory torsional waves that seem to extend infinitely.

This technique relies on the use of scalar waves and torsional waves to act on living things in general. It is on the cutting edge of current scientific knowledge in physics.

This field is being researched all over the world, but particularly so in former Soviet republics. It has led to various types of discoveries, most of which involve the effects these waves have on living beings.

Our devices


Tests on hyacinths

GSM relays

Effects on water

Learn about mom® energy therapy

The electromagnetic wave therapy to deeply heals and boosts your metabolism. Our partners are trained to perform the mom® energy therapy on the mom® 108 scalar wave healing mattress. The result of two years of research, the healing mattress is composed of a set of oscillating circuits over its entire surface, based on the work of Lakhovsky and Tesla. mom® energy therapy is composed of several phases that gradually help the body regenerate, reduce pain and lessen electrosensitivity symptoms. 

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