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We are 100% transparent on the manufacturing methods we use to make our handmade products assembled in France.

Paymentin three installments

We offer you a free service of payment by credit card in several instalments or by cheque. It is also possible to pay the mattress in 6 monthly instalments.


Since we have full confidence in the durability of our products, we offer them with a lifetime guarantee. We would love to answer any questions you may have on scalar energy generation.

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Learn about protective scalar waves

Are you feeling fatigued, irritable or generally off balance with your life energies? Your symptoms very likely come from a type of pollution that affects each of us: electromagnetic waves. Symptoms appear gradually and, over time, become difficult to heal with allopathic, so-called conventional medicine. Espace mom® creates EMF protection devices, scalar wave generators to protect those suffering from electrosensitivity, and their families.

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