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Reduce your stress with our natural solution that will grant you protection and rebalance your energy.

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We designed the energy bracelet to complement our range of mom® solutions for everyday life, with our mom®1 and mom®6 necklaces that act on energy balancing through the heart chakra. The bracelet naturally protects you from electromagnetic waves on a daily basis and activates the Pericardium Meridian that regulates our emotions. By wearing it on your right or left wrist, the bracelet can also rebalance feminine and masculine energies.


mom® technology has been packed in a stylish and discreet energy bracelet that is comfortable to wear on a daily basis. It generates scalar waves and reverses the polarity of electromagnetic ones to transform them into beneficial scalar waves. Wearing it every day will protect you from harmful waves, support cell regeneration, regulate blood coagulation and promote tissue healing. The bracelet acts on the Pericardium Meridian passing through the wrist thanks to a complex system that protects the heart from overpowering emotions. By activating this meridian, energy flows into the thorax, which is directly linked to good stress management. The Espace mom® energy bracelet naturally stimulates this area with the benefits of scalar waves. The bracelet acts as an anti-wave shield while also protecting you against anxiety and stress. Soothing, positive energy and renewed tonicity!


You can wear the bracelet every day. Alternating between the right and left side will allow you to work differently on the solar masculine energy and lunar feminine energy. You can also sleep with the bracelet if you wish, but make sure it isn’t too tight.

Care instructions

The bracelet’s coating is made of cork for its natural regenerative properties. Cork is also rot-proof, waterproof, light, easy to handle and durable.
Although cork is water-resistant and our printed circuits are protected by a waterproof film, we advise you to avoid prolonged contact with water in order to preserve the coating’s appearance over time. The bracelet should also be protected from heat and contact with metal (only on the printed circuit board). You may clean the coating with a soft, slightly damp and soapy cloth.


Total length: 230 mm

Maximum width: 20 mm

Swivel-head collar stud closure system, with 4 adjustable holes from 175 mm to 205 mm (other holes can be made with punch pliers)

Available in several colours

Discover our energy necklace to reduce stress

The beneficial power of scalar waves

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