Mom®11 drink scaler

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The Mom®11 scalar wave device is a real scalar wave generator that eliminates the effects of harmful contaminants in all types of beverages (water, juice, teas, coffee, wine, etc.) within just 15 seconds.

For every 4 devices ordered, the 5th one is free (in the same order).

Harmonization of water : a source of daily life

Our body is made up of about 60% water. That’s why it’s so important to drink pure water. We typically consume a large amount of water per day. While studies show that tap water is generally safe, it has also been found that most filters can’t eliminate all nitrates and pesticides. All the liquids we ingest are exposed to pollutants, and once in our bodies, these harmful substances can weaken our organism and reduce our natural defences.

The benefits of mom®11 drink scaler

Our drink scaler uses mom® technology to generate scalar waves, which cancel out the harmful effects of the pollutant particles contained in tap water, and restore its original properties. This also applies to bottled mineral water. According to Louis-Claude Vincent’s bioelectronics, the best water on the market is one that contains less than 50 mg of dry residues at 180 °C. When scaled, your beverage can turn into a daily source of energy.

Instructions for use

• Lightweight and easy to carry : the device can be slipped under any drink

• Resistant and compatible with all types of containers : cup, glass, carafe, thermos etc.

• Super fast : your drink is ready in 15 seconds

• Ethical and durable : handcrafted in Alsace, our technology is guaranteed for life

Implement a genuine energy hydration ritual : in the morning with a hot drink, during the day with your water bottle, during your sports or meditation sessions, and finally, in the evening with friends or family.

To get most benefits, the drink should be consumed directly or shortly after being exposed to the scaler.

Our advice : use with a detoxifying herbal tea, a vitamin-rich smoothie, a drink rich in superfoods or a light broth to increase the benefits for your body.

Technical specifications

• Dimensions: diameter 11 cm / thickness 8 mm / weight: 100 g

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