Mom®6 EMF protection necklace

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Mom® technology in a mini cube shaped pendant, embossed for increased scalar wave penetration capacity.

For every 4 pendants ordered, the 5th one is free (in the same order).


The cube-shaped pendant features a compact appearance and multidirectional scattering of scalar waves

Inspired by the mom® environment corrector, the mini cube is the new mom® EMF protection necklace. Its compact shape and powermake it an invaluable companion for those suffering from electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

The benefits of the mom®6 pendant

mom® technology in a resin mini cube-shaped pendant, embossed for high scalar wave penetration capacity.
Multi-directional radiation power due to its embossed pattern. Brings calm, and reduces stress, anxiety and pain.
The six three-dimensional sides help rebalance energy.
It also helps therapists and healers treat their patients with energy therapy.

Like other products in the mom® range, the mom® 6 scalar energy pendant has the unique ability to transform polluting electromagnetic waves into ones that are good for living beings. Negative emissions are not eliminated, but transformed so they can be used for our benefit. Perfect for protecting yourself against daily aggressions (mobile phones, cordless phones, WiFi and 5G technology).

Our EMF protection devices are the result of years of research based on the work of Georges Lakhovsky, using an intuitive, scientific approach.

Bioresonance devices have been shown to recenter all the chakras within 20 minutes and demonstrate significant activity on problem areas.

Instructions for use

The mom®6 pendant is made up of six passive electronic circuits. It contains overall biological information from plants and minerals transmitted by scalar waves in its environment, as well as crystals. It works without a battery, as soon as you are in the presence of a low or high frequency electromagnetic emission. The pendant is meant to be worn daily around the neck or on the body very regularly for stable and continuous work. It also assists practitioners in the practice and dissemination of their energy treatments.

Care instructions 

Cleaning the coating should be done with a damp, soapy cloth if needed for the resin surfaces. Avoid moisture on the wood surface for the “Wood” model.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 20mm X 20mm X 20mm, delivered with a cotton cord

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