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We create devices that work deep down to regenerate your cells and body.

What treatments are effective to naturally reduce stress?

According to ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy, everything releases energy. Our body has its own healing abilities and transformative powers. Once we become aware of this in our daily lives, it can cause great changes in our physical space and emotional wellbeing. Espace mom® designs treatments that activate cell regeneration in our body and calm the mind. The goal is to promote guided meditation and mindfulness through the benefits of scalar energy. Whether at home or with a professional, everyone can practice mom® energy care with our mom® scalar energy mattress.

Benefits of Meditation

Electromagnetic pollution reduces our physical and mental energy. As the days pass, we become prisoners to our own stress and pain. But there’s a simple, accessible solution to regain your peace of mind: mindfulness meditation. This meditation is done with the help of a therapist or at home with the help of an Espace mom® energy care program.This helps your sleep, reducing fatigue and ailments related to electrosensitivity. Scalar waves have a deep transformative effect on our body by activating our metabolic regulation process. As soon as you finish meditating, your natural defenses are stronger and form an effective barrier against pollution. Your mind becomes calmer and more resistant to stress.

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