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There are solutions to protect you from electromagnetic waves

Electrosensitivity, the 21st-century illness?

Electrohypersensitivity has been a polarizing topic for the past fifteen years. Clinical studies have not established a direct link between exposure to waves and the symptoms experienced by subjects, the number of whom is growing exponentially each year. Still, ANSES and the WHO recognize the reality of the symptoms, the necessity of conducting studies on the topic and the importance of treating these “electrohypersensitive” (EHS) people. Some see this as proof of a direct connection yet to be validated by relevant institutions or taken up by government authorities. If we consider the extremely rapid increase in the use of new technologies, there is very little doubt that electrohypersensitivity has become, much like the back pain of the 90s, the pain of the 2020s.

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What are the symptoms and effects of electrohypersensitivity?

The symptoms identified are rather general. In other words, there are a number of them, and they affect each patient differently. ANSES and the WHO agree that the symptoms are real, even if they have yet to explain them. These institutions have determined three diagnosis criteria for EHS, which they define as an “idiopathic environmental intolerance to electromagnetic fields”:

  • Non-specific symptoms
  • Unexplained by clinical examination
  • Attributed to exposure to electromagnetic fields

Electrosensitivity and its symptoms are similar to what we see in fibromyalgia, a disease whose existence scientists cannot deny but whose diagnosis criteria remain nonetheless vague. This is why electrosensitivity is better understood as a syndrome than a disease.

For 4 years, a group of 40 experts (epidemiologists, doctors, biologists, and dosimetry, human and social science experts) put together by ANSES analyzed all the scientific literature available, conducted interviews with doctors, associations, and citizens, public and health groups. Their report concluded that the pain and suffering are truly experienced by subjects and acknowledged the troubles they face.

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How will cases of this syndrome rise in the next 10 years?

ANSES’s acknowledgement of the reality of these symptoms has two important consequences:

  • New research, studies and experimental treatments
  • The development of suitable medical and social treatment to avoid psychosocial isolation

In a recent study, ANSES found that about 3.3 million individuals, or 5% of the French population suffers from hypersensitivity. It seems that electrosensitivity, and solutions for it, should become a subject of true medical interest.

Even if the link between the cause and the effect is yet to be fully understood, we have still learned that humans react to changes in magnetic fields. Which means that, like animals, we have a hypersensitivity to waves.

But what kind of waves?

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This is where the true issue lies: although humans have been living in an electromagnetic environment for decades, electrohypersensitivity seems to have increased exponentially in the last 15 years, which runs concurrently with the increase in new wireless technologies. If the magnetic fields generated by these technologies are directly involved, this may well also explain why the syndrome’s effects are so wide-reaching and difficult to pinpoint, since the entire population is affected.

And as these wireless networks spread further across the globe, we will see more people affected along with more symptoms. This could very well turn into one of the major public health crises of the 2020s. So both the public and the government should already be on high alert for any signs that electrohypersensitivity symptoms are increasing.

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