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Mom® EMF shielding device for your home

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1 200.00 VAT INCL.

Payment in 3 installmentsMade in FranceLifetime guaranteed technologySatisfied or refunded within 15 days

The mom® EMF blocker protects your home from harmful waves. It brings serenity in a Feng Shui ambiance which promotes rejuvenation

4 ordered the fifth is free.


Evolve daily for an extended period in a polluted or disrupted location can have negative effects on health and most forms of life. This can lead to sleep disturbances and vitality issues in both humans and animals. For plants, occupying a disrupted location can cause growth and resistance problems.”

The EMF blocker cube has six sides, each with a 22 cm oscillator with a range of approximately 50 meters (165 ft) in all directions (covering a 100 m bubble (330 ft)). It creates a serene ambiance in the home. The cube allows you to place food inside it to be scalerized. It also corrects specific pathogenic areas.


  • A simple, yet practical device which protects the whole home from harmful electromagnetic waves (such as nearby aerials and local WiFi networks).
    Boosts energy and a feeling of wellbeing for the whole family.
  • Charge everyday products with scalar energy (food, water, food supplements) for even more positive effects for everyone.
  • For geobiology, you simply need to install the cube on the ground to correct problem zones (water currents, faults, geotelluric waves).

Découvrez le correcteur d’environnement en vidéo

Certified and recommended by Hado Life laboratory

When pure water is exposed to mom® technology based on the Dr. Masaru Emoto method, analysis shows that the water crystals become uniform. The shape seen in frozen water suggests that the ordered and uniform crystalline structure is good for the health of the environment and all forms of life.

The tests were carried out by Mr. Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, a graduate in Engineering with an MA in Science, Director of the Masaru Emoto laboratory, and examined under a bright field microscope at -5°C (23°F). The results can be found below. mom® devices have been certified and recommended by Hado Life laboratory since 2017.

Full article on our HADO LIFE certificate

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