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EMF Protection kit

4 500.00 VAT INCL.

Payment in 3 installmentsMade in FranceGuaranteed for life

Full kit containing all the mom® devices for optimal protection.

All of the mom® solutions in one single kit to protect your family and home from harmful EMFs, such as 5G, WiFi and Linky.


The kit contains all of the mom® devices:

  • 1X mom® EMF protection bracelet (cork)
  • 1 x mom®1 EMF protection necklace
  • 1 x mom®6 WOOD EMF protection necklace OR mom®6 SERENITY EMF protection necklace
  • 1 x mom®11 scalar wave generator
  • 1 x mom®3 electrical network corrector
  • 1 x environment corrector
  • 1 x mom® amethyst OR white scalar wave mattress

Packaging: in 2 packages

  • 35 x 35 x 35 6.5 kg
  • 30 x 30 x 100 5 kg
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