How are scalar waves generated?

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Scalar waves—the medicine of tomorrow to protect against electromagnetic waves and improve health and wellbeing.

The difference between scalar waves and electromagnetic waves

Traditions, both modern and ancient, tell us that we are made up of four elements: earth (represented by the food we eat), water, air and fire (represented by the light in which we grow). The first three elements are so crucial to our survival that we often forget the fourth, which is just as important in its own right. Light is constantly flooding us and crossing through us. This light comes in two categories: electromagnetism, of which we are well aware, and scalar energy, of which we are rather unaware.

They are both essential to our wellbeing.How and why should we generate scalar energy?

scalar energy

What is scalar energy and how do we generate it?

Up until the 19th century, there was a general misconception that light was associated solely with electromagnetic energy. Research started and ended with visible waves. At the end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla, a genius physicist, demonstrated waves that move in vortexes, unlike electromagnetic waves which propagate in double sinusoids. Later, Konstantin Meyl would define them as scalar waves. These waves are electrical in nature and longitudinal, i.e. their direction of propagation is oriented in the same direction as the scalar field created. These waves behave differently in space and do not have the same speed or penetrating power as electromagnetism. For example, sound waves and brain waves are scalar waves.

Scalar waves are emitted by a spherical or helical antenna and are absorbed by the same type of antenna. The antennas create the transmitter-receiver coupling necessary to transport a scalar wave. As soon as resonance is established, energy and information can be transmitted, without contact. The energy received is significantly greater than the energy transmitted because the scalar vector feeds on ambient “free scalar energy,” meaning the scalar waves that create a permanent, background noise. In short, creating an artificial vortex attracts natural vortexes. This makes the energy of scalar waves exponential.

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How can I create scalar energy?

Creating scalar waves or, at the very least, being in environments conducive to their propagation, helps all living things grow. The human body is particularly sensitive to this. As such, generating scalar energy can only support other therapies and optimize their benefits.

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