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Mom® EMF mattress shield

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2 820.00 VAT INCL.

Payment in 3 installmentsMade in FranceGuaranteed for life

This therapeutic mattress with mom® scalar waves balances energy, soothes and revitalizes

4 ordered the fifth is free.




Do not fold the mattress as this may break the circuits. It is designed to be rolled.

Session length: start with 20–25 minute sessions and work up to any session length as this will only be beneficial. Drink pure water because your body’s emunctory organs will be working hard. There’s sure to be drainage.

You can put it on your bed: under your mattress if it isn’t too thick, otherwise put it on top of your mattress. Add a thin mattress topper or thick blanket depending on your desired comfort level. We suggest staying as close as possible to the mom® EMF mattress shield so it can work deeply on your cellular environment. For relaxation sessions, put the mattress on the floor or a chaise lounge chair. Therapists/wellbeing professionals can use it on a massage table as a complement to their treatment so blockages can be removed faster and easier.

The user is responsible for how they use the mattress.

The mattress should not ever be used as a replacement for medical treatments. It helps to support them.


The mattress rebalances the cellular environment by providing energy from the void surrounding us through bioresonance.

According to work by Lakhovsky and Tesla, this technology is said to activate cell regeneration and speed up healing and tissue repair, by mobilizing defense energies and reactionary processes that promote healing. It promotes peace, relaxation and recentering. It also creates the impression of gentleness and other effects depending on the user’s sensitivity. It would be inappropriate to list all possible results, especially since we know these can vary from one person to another. Each one will feel and observe their own results.

This mattress is part of holistic medicine and relativistic quantum physics. It treats the person as a whole, not just the area affected by symptoms.


“The mom® healing mattress activates our global metabolic regulation process in a rather complex manner. It’s a comprehensive synchronization system and the scalar energy generated by this system ‘propels’ subtle healing and, above all, synchronization mechanisms. In fact, illnesses are often the result of synchronization issues that create problems with our immune system and endocrine system. So using the mom® healing mattress activates this potential and generates synchronization processes crucial to any therapy. Experiences with this mattress confirm this. »

Testimonial from Prof. Aziz El Amrani-Joutey 

  • Doctor of medicine and medical sciences
  • Endocrinologist and immunologist Doctor of naturopathy and bioenergy specialist
  • University degree in neuroendocrinology and chronobiology
  • Vice president of SIRES.
  • International society of environment and health research.
  • Vice president of the Lausanne International Company for Applied Complementary Medicine

Dimensions 175 cm x 75 cm x 4 cm

The EMF mattress shield is also used by our network of therapy partners for mom® Energy Care.


You can pay for this product by SEPA or checks in six installments.

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