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Mom® 1 EMF protection necklace

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162.00 VAT INCL.

Payment in 3 installmentsMade in FranceLifetime guaranteed technologySatisfied or refunded within 15 days

Our mom®1 EMF protection necklace converts electromagnetic waves into good waves. Perfect for protecting yourself against daily aggressions (mobile phones, cordless phone, WiFi and 5G technology).

For every 4 pendants ordered, the 5th one is free (in the same order).


Protection and daily balancing thanks to an energetic pendant with a harmonious shape

The benefits of the mom®1 pendant

Like all other products in the mom® range, the mom® 1 scalar energy pendant converts polluting electromagnetic waves into ones that are good for living beings. Negative emissions are not eliminated, but transformed so they can be used for our benefit. Perfect for protecting yourself against daily aggressions (mobile phones, cordless phone, WiFi and 5G technology).

Our EMF protection devices are the result of years of research based on the work of Georges Lakhovsky, using an intuitive, scientific approach.

Bioresonance devices have been shown to recenter all the chakras within 20 minutes and demonstrated significant activity on problem areas.

You can enjoy all the benefits of scalar energy on your overall wellbeing and many users have experienced a significant reduction in headaches. It is a must-have for anyone with electrohypersensitivity (EHS). The mom® 1 scalar energy pendant is made of a passive electric circuit. It contains global biological information  from plants and minerals transmitted by scalar waves in the environment, as well as crystals. It works without batteries when you are near low or high frequency electromagnetic emissions. It gives energy to the heart of our cells and rebalances the energy of the person wearing it.

Instructions for use

Mom® technology encapsulated in a precious wood medallion that can be simply worn around the neck for optimum balance, or tucked away inside a pocket.

Care instructions

The mom® scalar energy pendant is thoughtfully made of olive wood in a workshop in France, with the environment in mind. The maintenance is done as with a marquetry piece with a dry cloth. Avoid contact with moisture to preserve the coating.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 55 x 65 x 4.5 mm, delivered with a cotton cord

Certified and recommended by Hado Life laboratory

When pure water is exposed to mom® technology based on the Dr. Masaru Emoto method, analysis shows that the water crystals become uniform. The shape seen in frozen water suggests that the ordered and uniform crystalline structure is good for the health of the environment and all forms of life.

The tests were carried out by Mr. Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, a graduate in Engineering with an MA in Science, Director of the Masaru Emoto laboratory, and examined under a bright field microscope at -5°C (23°F). The results can be found below. mom® devices have been certified and recommended by Hado Life laboratory since 2017.

Full article on our HADO LIFE certificate

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