EMF protection necklaces to reduce stress and anxiety

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Our EMF protection necklaces and electromagnetic wave protectors generate scalar energy that heals us and promotes our wellbeing

Reduce Stress with Scalar Energy

With the rapid increase of technologies in our lives, electromagnetic pollution continues to increase. We expose ourselves on a daily basis to waves from telephones and Wi-Fi. And now, the emergence of 5G and Linky Meters has worsened the symptoms of those suffering from electrosensitivity. Stress, fatigue, irritability, anxiety and, in some cases, depression are becoming more and more frequent. Mom® discs are an ideal EMF protection solution for day-to-day protection. Through the process of converting healing scalar waves. Electromagnetic pollution is the engine that amplifies the capacity of mom® EMF protection necklaces to produce healing waves. Simply wear it as a necklace, and you have an ideal EMF protection solution to neutralize pollution and regain your wellbeing.

Which EMF Protection Necklace Works Best for You

We have developed various EMF protection disks to protect you from electromagnetic waves: the mom® 1, mom®6 Serenity and mom®6 Wood.
Each pendant generates scalar waves that provide us with a feeling of wellbeing on an energy level. The mom® 1 made of olive tree wood can be worn as a necklace or tucked away in your pockets. It eliminates or significantly reduces headaches and the feeling of malaise felt in the presence of electromagnetic wave pollution. The mom®6 EMF protection necklace is inspired by the mom® environmental corrector. It comes in the shape of a three-dimensional purple mini cube for greater scalar wave penetration capacities. Its 3D shape gives it truly multidirectional radiation. A more compact profile makes it an invaluable companion for those suffering from electrohypersensitivity (EHS). We have also created a mom®6 Wood version inspired by the sustainable design of our mom® 1 energy necklace.
All our energy discs can also help therapists and healers better treat their patients on an energy level. If you would like to learn more about mom® energy solutions, contact our network of partners.

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