Convert Electromagnetic Pollution into Healing Energy

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Learn how to use waves for daily wellbeing

More than protection, wave transformation

mom® devices are made from passive electronics and are part of an approach on the cutting edge of current knowledge in physics. They take an original approach and cannot be compared to the many products on the EMF protection market today.Not only do they protect, but they also transform negative emissions into regenerative, positive emissions and are beneficial to an organism’s ability to thrive.

CASE STUDY: Benefits of the mom 1 on GSM waves:

In order to demonstrate the beneficial effects of mom® devices, we commissioned a medical analysis firm to carry out dark field microscope tests in Germany and Switzerland. The dark field microscope has a camera that allows us to take images. It is often used in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. With it, we can detect all types of diseases and abnormalities in our blood, on a scale far beyond that of a traditional blood test.

The results were categorical.Phone calls have a profound disruptive effect on our blood.

In order to test the effects of the mom®1 energy pendant, they took several blood samples from a person wearing and then not wearing an energy pendant while making a call on a smartphone for 15 minutes to see how it affected their blood. The blood quality was improved while wearing the mom®1 disc.

How our EMF Protection Devices Work

Who would have thought that a laptop, cell phone or even WiFi router could actually be beneficial for their health?

Simply putting our devices into contact with a source of electromagnetic wave pollution immediately reverses this pollution, generating positive waves of equal, sometimes greater, strength.

Examples include cell phones, home electrical networks and all the devices connected to it, microwaves and WiFi.

The electromagnetic pollution itself is what amplifies mom® devices’ ability to generate waves that help all forms of life thrive. It is not simply about protecting yourself—it’s about reversing a harmful process. So now, what once worked against us is working for us. All battery-powered devices and those connected to the electrical network become emitters of energy that has a positive impact on our health. These devices will have a positive effect, even when not connected to a source of pollution. They emit a powerful vital field.

Learn about mom® energy therapy

The electromagnetic wave therapy to deeply heals and boosts your metabolism. Our partners are trained to perform the mom® energy therapy on the mom® 108 scalar wave healing mattress. The result of two years of research, the healing mattress is composed of a set of oscillating circuits over its entire surface, based on the work of Lakhovsky and Tesla. mom® energy therapy is composed of several phases that gradually help the body regenerate, reduce pain and lessen electrosensitivity symptoms. 

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