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Our EMF correctors trap electromagnetic pollution in your home by generating calming, protective scalar energy

How to protect your home with our environment corrector

Each and every day, electromagnetic waves pass through our homes, having a microwave effect on our body. The negative health effects of radio-frequency waves from laptops, Wi-Fi routers and connected devices have been conclusively demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. The rapid spread of 5G has increased this risk, and symptoms have been increasing not only in EHS patients but in the general population as well. And we have come up with an effective solution for this: our environment corrector cube has six sides, each of which contains a 22cm oscillator with a multidirectional range of approximately 100 meters. For geobiology, you simply need to install the cube on the ground to correct problem zones. The corrector acts naturally on the entire surface covered by its “scalar radiation”, corresponding to a radius of approximately 65 meters. The mom® cube diffuses a calming atmosphere throughout your home and allows you to charge everyday products with scalar energy (food, water, nutritional supplements, etc.) for even more beneficial effects on everyone.

How to protect yourself from the dangers of LINKY, 5G, DECT telephones, Wi-Fi, computers, microwaves, etc.

We have designed a specific device to prevent the dangers of Linky Meters and to correct electrical networks: the mom®3 corrector. A plate that absorbs electromagnetic radiation from cables located behind fuses and allows the scalar waves to propagate throughout the electrical network (cables and connected devices). With our network corrector, you can convert harmful emissions from all the devices connected to the electrical network of your home (DECT cordless phone, Wi-Fi, computers, household appliances, LINKY/GAZPAR, 5G, etc.) or workplace. It helps decrease electrohypersensitivity symptoms, especially headaches.

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