Our mom® solutions convert electromagnetic waves into beneficial waves

Boost your metabolism

Our energy mattress acts deep down for energy therapy at home or at a therapist’s office.

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Purify your home

Our correctors protect you from the dangers of waves from 5G, WiFi, phones and Linky meters.

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Reduce your stress levels

Our EMF protection necklaces convert harmful waves to scalar energy to help you regain inner peace

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Welcome to Espace mom®, specialists in EMF protection and converting harmful electromagnetic waves to scalar waves that can protect our health and wellbeing.

Espace mom® creates innovative, solution-focused products that emit powerful vital fields (using Tesla/Lakhowsky technology): the mom®3 electrical network corrector, EMF protection necklaces, home/environment correctors, the mom® 108 oscillotherapy mattress and more.

To effectively and sustainably protect you from harmful waves and improve your health and wellbeing, mom® solutions convert them to beneficial scalar waves.

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Sustainable, French manufacturing

We are 100% transparent on the manufacturing methods we use to make our handmade products assembled in France.

Certified by Hado Life

Certified and recommended by Hado Life, the water laboratory created by Masaru Emoto and Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen

Guaranteed for life

Our products come with a lifetime guarantee because we have total confidence in their durability. We would love to answer any questions you may have on scalar energy generation.

A committed family background

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How can we shift wave polarization and generate scalar waves?

mom® solutions convert vertically polarized electromagnetic waves (harmful waves) into horizontally polarized waves (beneficial waves) by creating a 90° shift in the plane of polarization. This shift creates a superposition of concentric, convergent waves and concentric, divergent waves—and when these waves meet, they produce scalar energy. A scalar wave is the result of the superposition of a convergent wave and a divergent wave of the same frequency and amplitude.

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They recommend it

Magalie F. recommends the mom® pendant

I carry mom® technology with me every day thanks to my energy charm. I chose the mom® 6 mini-cube because it has greater scalar wave penetration abilities. I feel more at peace and relaxed every day.

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François K. recommends our mattress

I use the mom® healing mattress. I feel that it balances my energy, keeps me at peace and revitalizes me. My metabolism has regenerated. I had insomnia because of waves, with the mattress I found restful sleep and am less tired when I wake up.

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Christine M. recommends the environment corrector

We have finally found an effective solution against EMF pollution. The environment corrector protects our house from telluric and electromagnetic nuisances. And we also have the network corrector for the electrical network.

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Learn about mom® energy therapy

The electromagnetic wave therapy to deeply heals and boosts your metabolism. Our partners are trained to perform the mom® energy therapy on the mom® 108 scalar wave healing mattress. The result of two years of research, the healing mattress is composed of a set of oscillating circuits over its entire surface, based on the work of Lakhovsky and Tesla. mom® energy therapy is composed of several phases that gradually help the body regenerate, reduce pain and lessen electrosensitivity symptoms. 

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