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Therapists, well-being professionals, or individuals seeking effective protection against harmful electromagnetic fields, we have designed a pack that shields, corrects, and revitalizes through the benefits of scalar waves.

What is the Serenity Pack?

Embark on a new dimension of tranquility with our Serenity Pack. Specially crafted to offer optimal protection, this pack brings together our most advanced solutions to transform harmful waves into beneficial ones. It’s the perfect combination of our individual solutions, environmental devices, and regenerative solutions. For over 10 years, we have collaborated with health and well-being professionals on a holistic approach that integrates both reducing the effects of pollution and energy rebalancing. An individual and comprehensive approach that complements the benefits of therapies.

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The Benefits of the Serenity Pack

Protected Environment

Our pack provides advanced protection against harmful electromagnetic waves emitted by modern technologies (Wi-Fi, 5G, smart meters, etc.). Scalar waves neutralize the negative effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body by interacting with electromagnetic fields, creating a protective shield.

Energy Balance

Our solutions act on calmness, serenity, and tranquility by restoring energy balance and reducing the effects of stress. Scalar waves positively influence biological processes, promoting homeostasis and balance within the body.

Holistic Approach

The mom technology, combining innovation and natural solutions, effectively complements energy treatments by offering valuable assistance in unlocking physical and mental traumas. The human body operates beyond its purely physical aspect and encompasses energetic aspects. Scalar waves are a means to interact with these energetic aspects to promote overall well-being.

What's Included in Our Anti-Radiation Serenity Pack

Shielding Everywhere from Waves

Discover our mom1 Pendant, a must-have appreciated for its harmonious design and wooden craftsmanship. Explore enhanced power with our mom6 Pendant, cube-shaped for multidirectional action. Immerse yourself in our Energy Bracelet, discreet yet effective protection against waves. In addition to defense, this bracelet also influences emotional regulation, helping you maintain inner balance.

Correcting Your Environment

The Beverage Corrector allows you to harmonize the energy of your drinks, turning each sip into a healthy and revitalizing experience. The Environmental Corrector creates a protective cocoon, repelling harmful waves while fostering a gentle and serene atmosphere conducive to rejuvenation and communication. And with the Electric Network Corrector, you can cleanse and protect your space from harmful electromagnetic waves, including those emanating from smart meters.

Deep Regeneration

Our most powerful solution, the Energy Mattress, is designed for sessions focused on body and mind regeneration. Through bio-resonance, the mattress works deeply and aligns with both holistic medicine and relativistic quantum physics. For a more localized approach, our Energy Cushion can be used on the back to alleviate pain, in foot reflexology, and for daily use during prolonged exposure to harmful waves.

“As part of my geo-biological analysis work, I noticed that when I put the pendant, and now the bracelet, on my clients, the reactions were much more positive during kinesiology tests. What’s more, when I wear the pendant, I can create an energy loop with my two arms, which also protects the client who isn’t wearing a device.”

Michel Vandaele, Geobiologist and qualified bio-construction project manager

“It was patients who introduced me to Espace Mom. When I tested them, I realised that there was no trace of electromagnetic pollution in their electromagnetic field, so I asked them what they were doing; they showed me their pendant. As soon as they removed their pendant, the biofields shifted.”

Isabelle Fevrier, Energy therapist

“As a Naturopath, I always give priority to giving people back their autonomy by giving them the keys to responsible health that respects the laws of Life. Nevertheless, advising the use of Mom devices is not at all antinomic, as the 2 converge in the same place: regenerating thanks to the maintenance of cellular vibration.”

Isabelle Collins Parchard, Naturopathe vitaliste

Become a Espace Mom partner: share well-being

One of these benefits is the opportunity to generate additional income through our attractive remuneration package. We believe in sharing and growing together. That’s why we offer a percentage on referrals of Espace Mom solutions. This opportunity will allow you to diversify your sources of income while helping everyone to transform harmful vibrations into positive vibrations for the living.

By becoming an Espace Mom advisor and partner, you will join a community of professionals committed to well-being and health. You’ll have access to exclusive resources, ongoing training and personalised support.

If you share our vision of a world where serenity and well-being are accessible to all, join us as an Espace Mom partner. Contact us today to find out more about our benefits and how you can help make a positive difference to everyone’s lives.

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Learn about mom® energy therapy

The electromagnetic wave therapy to deeply heals and boosts your metabolism. Our partners are trained to perform the mom® energy therapy on the mom® 108 scalar wave healing mattress. The result of two years of research, the healing mattress is composed of a set of oscillating circuits over its entire surface, based on the work of Lakhovsky and Tesla. mom® energy therapy is composed of several phases that gradually help the body regenerate, reduce pain and lessen electrosensitivity symptoms. 

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