We tend to lead stressful lifestyles, surrounded by waves of all kinds, and more and more people are relying on the mom® technology to help them get through their daily lives.

We met with Annabelle Perceval, a lifestyle coach who has adopted mom® devices and recommends their benefits to her clients.

1. Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

“I am a lifestyle coach based in Andorra. I work online with my clients from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada, relying on a holistic mind-body approach. I am specialised in self-connection, emotional intelligence, trauma release and energy recovery.”

2. How did you first hear about Espace mom® and its products?

“On social media. I saw a video that really fascinated me. I’ve been interested in scalar waves for a few years. I have a friend who is a quantum healer working with scalar devices.”

3. Your mom® essentials are the Electrical Network Corrector and EMF blocker. Why?

“The Electrical Network Corrector is essential for the serenity of our family. Since it was installed on the electrical panel, everyone is much calmer and our exchanges are more constructive. I use it in conjunction with the EMF blocker because we live in a flat and there are Wi-Fi and antennas all around us. Four of us are hypersensitive (ASD – autism spectrum disorder, ADD – attention deficit disorder, precocious child) and we’re very reactive to the environment. We all have phones, tablets, computers and various electrical devices, which can wear us out quite significantly.”

4. How do you use them in your daily life?

“The Electrical Network Corrector hangs on the electrical panel in the hallway, and the EMF blocker is installed in the living room, where I work. They are very aesthetic, I feel they are fantastic decorative objects, which is a huge plus. They help us relax when we come home, and whenever I need to concentrate, work and organise things. What’s more, I store our natural supplements inside the blocker during the night, to enhance them.”

5. What are the effects you’ve noticed?

“We have calmer reactions, and better discussions. My teenagers are less electric, less agitated. Even the dog and cat behave more harmoniously. My plants last longer. I have noticed that my energy level and mental clarity are much higher than before. I feel fit throughout the day, I don’t get tired anymore. I can work better and longer, and I feel I get quality rest at night. Even when I invite friends over for dinner, they told me they feel very gentle energy.”

6. If you were to explain to a friend how the Electrical Network Corrector, EMF blocker and mom® technology work, what would you say?

“The EMF blocker covers your entire home and even outside thanks to its cubic shape (the waves go in all directions), which is extremely important for us who live near all those antennas and Wi-Fi networks in our building.
As for the Electrical Network Corrector, it acts specifically on all the electrical and electronic devices in the flat. I tell my friends and clients that all the waves we can’t see or hear do impact our well-being and nervous balance. And that we can transform these harmful waves into beneficial ones by using scalar waves.”