Each of our anti-wave devices is built by hand and with the greatest care in the workshops of our local craftsmen. Our mom® devices are entirely produced and assembled in France. From the sourcing of raw materials to shipping, we personally oversee every step of the process. Our electronic circuits are manufactured in Brittany by a cutting-edge company with which we have sealed an exclusive partnership. We work with marquetry craftsmen, leatherworkers, carpenters and seamstresses in Alsace, and collaborate closely with them throughout the manufacturing process.

It all starts with a study phase. We assess the materials and shapes to optimise their influence and application. Then comes the initial production of limited quantities for our partners and mom® advisors who give us their feedback via a questionnaire and frequent exchanges. We might make some adjustments if necessary, and then starts the final stage of production. Here are some pictures of the production stages of our energy bracelet, right from the heart of our workshop located in the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park.

Creation of the template and hand-cutting

Our craftsmen create the template from cork. We chose cork for the bracelet’s covering for its natural regenerative properties. It is also rot-proof, waterproof, light, easy to handle and highly durable.

Assembly: addition of the mom® technology and hot stamping of our logo

The mom® technology is the result of several years of research based on the work of Georges Lakhovsky, using an intuitive and scientific approach. Our devices consist of a passive electronic circuit that contains biological information (phylogenesis) from plants and minerals transmitted by scalar waves as well as crystals.

Gluing and sewing by hand

A tedious step that will ensure the device’s durability and make every piece unique as it is carried out by craftsmen rather than machines.

The final product: our energy bracelet is ready!

We designed the mom® energy bracelet to complete the range of mom® solutions for everyday life, alongside our mom®1 and mom®6 necklaces that act on energy balancing through the heart chakra. The bracelet naturally protects from electromagnetic waves and activates the Pericardium Meridian that regulates emotions. By wearing it on the right or left wrist, the bracelet can also rebalance feminine and masculine energies.

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