This month, we spoke with Isabelle Collins Parchard, a masseur-physiotherapist and a trained naturopath. Isabelle uses mom® devices in her daily life as well as in her professional activity. In fact, she is a mom® partner and you these devices can be found at her office in La Rochelle.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?
I’ve been a masseur-physiotherapist for 30 years and a naturopath-vitalist for about 15 years now. For the past year, I’ve been devoting 100% of my time to my naturopathic work, which is a real passion for me. I give consultations and lectures at a naturopathy school. I’m also certified in sophro-relaxation. I’m passionate about the way the human body works, and the different systems that make it up, and that’s precisely what some of my courses focus on. As a lover of all living things, my motto is to honour life, to respect our bodies and everything around us, as a way of preserving our health in the long term.

How did you first hear about Espace mom® and its devices?
I discovered Espace mom® in a newsletter from Michel Dogna, a writer and chemical engineer who practices naturotherapy. After that, I found out more about mom® technology and scalar waves.

What makes the mom® 6 energy pendant your mom® essential?
I’ve lived with and without it, and I do feel a real difference, so it’s unthinkable to go on without it now!

How do you use it in your daily life?
I wear it every day, whenever I’m in contact with technology (computer, telephone).

What are the effects of using the mom® 6 energy pendant?
When I used to work on a screen without wearing it, I’d be drained of energy after two hours, I could feel it and see it on my face. Since I’ve been using the energy pendant – for about a year and a half – I’ve been able to work much longer in front of the computer without feeling this significant loss of energy, and my face doesn’t look as tired as it used to. After two months of use, in a desire to shield myself from technological tools, I noticed that I no longer suffered from palpitations. So I stuck to a 6-month observation period to make sure that this result was really linked to wearing the energy pendant. I didn’t do anything new during this period, and the palpitations have not returned… It’s been almost two years now.

If you were to explain to a friend how the mom® 6 energy pendant and mom® technology work, how would you go about it?
The energy pendant has the ability to transform harmful electromagnetic waves into standing ones known as “scalar” waves that are beneficial to the body and the cells, doing so by creating a polarity shift. Scalar waves have a spiral shape, just like human DNA. This makes the process even more meaningful. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by both natural and artificial waves, some of them can upset our bodies, while others can promote positive cellular vibration. This is precisely what scalar waves achieve, providing us with a genuine energy boost.

As a naturopath, my priority is to give people the keys to responsible health in a way that respects the laws of life. Suggesting they try mom® devices is not as contradicting as it seems, as the two approaches converge towards the same goal: regenerating by maintaining cellular vibration.

In the same way that we may support our body by taking natural remedies, these devices help supplement natural processes within the body.