The scalar energy emitted by mom® magnetic wave protection devices generates positive vibrations that are beneficial to our wellbeing and health. To demonstrate this, Hubert Mauerer, designer of these devices and Espace mom® head, traveled to Austria to the Hado Life Laboratory founded by Dr. Masaru Emoto and engineer Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen. There, the mom®3 plate, the mom® pendants and the environment corrector cube were subjected to water crystal analysis created by Dr. Masaru Emoto. The results obtained show crystallized water “in order and harmony”. The proof, according to the theories established by the Japanese doctor, is that the scalar energy emitted by the mom® devices is very positive at a vibrational level. The crystalline structure obtained demonstrates their beneficial character to the health of the environment and all forms of life itself. 

mom® Devices Emit a Positive Vibration

The research conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto is based on observations of photographs of water crystals. During his practice, and following a rigorous process which consists of placing drops of water into petri dishes before freezing them at -25°C and photographing this under a microscope, he demonstrates that the water crystals formed by the freezing take on a harmonious form if a positive vibration is exerted on them. Conversely, the crystals obtained are asymmetrical and without real shape when the water is subjected to negative vibrations. Since then, many elements have been tested in the Austrian laboratory to find their positive or negative vibrational properties. The image results obtained following exposure of water drops on the mom® EMF protection devices are among the most harmonious images obtained by the Hado Life Laboratory to date. 

Surprising Results on Health

To update these results, a series of tests were conducted using purified water (reverse osmosis) exposed to mom® products for a period of 24 hours. Each set of samples was then added drop by drop to 50 petri dishes for 24 hours and frozen at -28°C. The tests were finally examined using a brightfield microscope at -5°C and photographed. Particularly clean, harmonious crystals were captured, bringing to light the healthy virtues of water crystallized in this manner after being exposed to the mom equipment. These images speak for themselves, demonstrating that the vibrational fields from the scalar wave generators contained in mom® devices are highly beneficial for all forms of life. Negative waves contained in the drops of water were transformed and purified, thanks to these very positive vibrational fields. This shows that the scalar energy emitted by the mom® devices is a source of life energy. This test is all the more surprising when we realize that nearly 60% of an adult human’s body is made up of water. So it’s easy to see the benefit that the scalar energy contained in mom® devices has on human health.