Jocelyne Mallet, sophrologist/relaxologist, metatherapist and magnetist at Romilly s/r Seine

How did you discover mom® solutions?

I discovered them through one of my friends who works in naturopathy. Since I practice bioresonance, a quantum approach that allows me to assess locations and point out electromagnetic anomalies through our organs and correct them by sending low intensity signals, I would say that mom® solutions are perfect for this approach. So I acquired the mom®1 pendant and told myself I’d try it out and measure the effects. I was lucky enough to be healthy and not suffering from a particular illness. So I didn’t use with the goal of improve or healing a specific issue. However, before wearing it for the first time, I measured my vibrational frequencies in the morning. I measured them again in the evening, after wearing it the entire day. My vibrational frequencies clearly increased. So I understood that there was a real benefit to wearing this device.

Have you noticed other positive effects, outside of an increase in vibrational frequencies?

Yes, notably when I do bioresonance consultations, which require me to sit in front of my computer. I performed my sessions wearing a mom®1 pendant and not wearing one. When wearing one, I recorded higher vitality levels during this time and did not notice any fatigue. Especially when I perform two bioresonance procedures in the afternoon, which represents about 5 hours of sitting in front of a computer and requires long-term concentration. I also wear the mom®1 pendant when I do my remote energy healing, and I feel that it really increases my healing vibrations. I also make my son wear one too; he tends to be a little nervous and always has a phone or tablet in his hand. He tells me that it definitely has an effect, making him feel calmer and more peaceful, to the point where he has fully integrated his mom®1 into his daily lifestyle.

Does this experience make you want to try other mom® solutions?

My experience with the mom®1 pendant convinced me of the effectiveness and benefits of mom® devices. So I’m seriously considering the mom® environment corrector, especially to protect myself from the waves emitted by my Linky Meter, but not just that. Since I spend a lot of my time in front of the computer, I think it’s a perfect complement to my mom®1 pendant if I place it in the rooms where I’m working. I also want one for my office, so it can purify environmental energies, and in my zen garden, where I have a number of plants, so they can grow and thrive thanks to the scalar energy emitted. I am also eagerly awaiting the release of the mom®6 pendant. I really like its miniature cube shape, and I’m curious to test out its effects.