While emotional, physical or social stress is very well known, oxidative stress perhaps deserves more attention. Although less known, it is nonetheless a cause for concern, as it affects the very core of our body: our cells. We see this when they are attacked by the free radicals contained, mainly, in the air we breathe. When our body is doing well, it is able to create the necessary antioxidants to control or even destroy these harmful free radicals and replace damaged biological structures. But if it’s weakened or if an excess of these free radicals are produced, our body is no longer able to protect itself, leaving the oxidant stress free to spread throughout it. Smoking, fat-heavy diets, excessive drinking, medication, and even overexposure to the sun and pollution can be factors that cause our bodies to produce these free radicals. And let’s not forget one of the main causes of this oxidation: stresses caused by modern life.

Accelerated Aging and Other Illnesses

As you may have guessed, repeated attacks from these free radicals have a negative effect on our health. Oxidant stress provokes oxidization, or denaturing, of various aspects of our body (our proteins, fats, sugars) which can accelerate the aging of our tissues, muscles and even our arteries or nervous system. This oxidant stress also attacks our cell nuclei and modifies their genetic code, which can trigger cancerous mutations. Outside of cancer, it often plays a part in numerous illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, allergies, and fibromyalgia, just to mention a few.

Variable Organism Defenses

Adding more antioxidants and nutrients to our diet that prevent free radical buildup is a preventive solution against this oxidant stress. Since the food we eat, after the air we breathe, is the second source of energy we provide our bodies, it’s easy to see the importance of this aspect on our health. Nutritional supplements, like vitamin E, vitamin C or minerals such as selenium and manganese can also be a helping hand to fight back against this harmful oxidation. But our bodies’ defenses can vary, especially as we age. Even though our body can fight lipid oxidation, it may not be the same story with proteins. Similarly, the way oxidation is removed or repaired also varies from person to person.

Act on the heart of your cells with mom® solutions

Acting globally and directly on the heart of our cells, mom® solutions are a beneficial ally in the fight against oxidative stress. The mom®1 and mom®6 pendants (the mini cube) are particularly suitable in this case, with their benefits working directly on the person wearing them. The six-sided three-dimensional shape of the mom®6 along with its multidirectional radiation, give it a greater scalar wave penetration capacity than the mom®1, with its flattened design and more vertical radiation. Either way, they both result in the same effect: allowing the cells that make up our body to take nourishment from this positive energy emitted by scalar waves. Promoting the development and sustenance of life, these waves offer our cells a wonderful defense against oxidative stress and the damage it wreaks on our bodies.