Isabelle Février, an energy therapist and mom® partner who practises bioenergy, has installed the Espace mom® network corrector in her home. By measuring negative green radiations (negative green is a telluric emission that is amplified by various geobiological or artificial disturbances), the therapist can measure the positive impact of the mom® network corrector on the electrical charge impacting the home.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?
I’m an energy therapist based in Montpellier, working in the field of bioenergy and electromagnetic biofield rebalancing. Our heart and brain produce electricity, and this electric field needs to be centred on our physical body – it’s our energetic shell in a sense. If it’s off centre, ailments appear. My work consists of freeing the knots (energetic condensates) that cause this decentring. These knots may be emotional, karmic or transgenerational.

I also have a diploma in geobiology. This means that I can use my patients’ biofields to detect electromagnetic pollution or traces of telluric networks that are harmful to their health. I can also inspect their home to ensure the bed is correctly positioned for instance. If necessary, I find the most suitable place for the bed, in an area that is undisturbed by telluric currents and far from any electromagnetic pollution.

How did you first hear about Espace mom® and its devices?
My patients actually introduced me to Espace mom®. When I tested them, I realised that there was no trace of electromagnetic pollution in their electromagnetic field, so I asked them how and they showed me their pendant. As soon as they removed their pendant, the biofields shifted. I also carried out surveys at the homes of people who had several devices and found very little pollution there.

What makes the network corrector your mom® essential?
I recommend it for people who are surrounded by strong electromagnetic interference and can’t switch off their Wi-Fi. When the electrical networks are old or there are connected meters, the radiation can be very strong through the house’s partitions, so the network corrector proves very useful in those cases.

How do you use it in your daily life?
In my home, it’s connected to the meter to limit the impact of Wi-Fi, radio waves and ceramic hobs, but also of the connected meter and electrical appliances that are connected to the network.
I use it during my expert assessments to measure negative green radiation. It can be used to measure telluric pollution (Curry and Hartman lines, groundwater) combined with artificial pollution caused by electricity or high frequencies (Wi-Fi, relay antennas, etc.) in the home.
With the device, pollution is significantly reduced. The corrector curbs down radiation from the negative green to restore a positive feeling and promote health.
What are the network corrector’s effects?
The biggest change I noticed was in my children. My 5-year-old son was often ill, especially with bronchitis. Since we installed the device, his colds have stopped getting worse.

My husband is also much less prone to allergies. And our houseplants are much prettier!

If you had to explain to a friend how the network corrector and mom® technology work, what would you say?
mom® technology plays a role in managing electromagnetic fields.

Artificial sinusoidal electromagnetic waves are altered by technology and transformed into helical waves. Tesla technology, on which Espace mom® is based, enables electromagnetic signals to be transformed into beneficial waves. By placing the network corrector directly on your meter, you’ll impact all appliances connected to the grid.

Isabelle Février is based just north of Montpellier. She provides bioenergy consultations in her practice or per videoconference. Home geobiology assessments are available in the Gard, Hérault, Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales departments.