Although it has the undeniable benefit of being much more environmentally friendly than individual vehicles, public transport is one of the places where we are most exposed to surrounding waves. Bus, metro, tram, train: these means of collective transport confront us with the energy of others, which is not always nourishing, as well as with the potential germs, viruses and bacteria that they may carry and transmit. Not to mention smartphone waves, which have become unavoidable in public transport, with most passengers having their eyes glued to their screens. Furthermore, most of these moving vehicles are genuine electromagnetic field magnets, following precise routes where it is almost impossible, particularly in urban areas, to avoid exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi networks, cell towers and/or 5G.

Electric and hybrid engines

Finally, there is another kind of negative waves we can be exposed to when using public transport: those emitted by electric and hybrid engines. Increasingly widespread since “greener” public transport was introduced, their batteries emit very powerful electromagnetic fields. And several associations are sounding the alarm about their harmful effects on the health. This is especially true for people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), for whom such exposure can trigger serious episodes. The “Faraday cage” effect can already be observed for some people on a daily basis when commuting in cars (see our article Exposure to waves from electric cars: scalars as a solution), but imagine for a moment how this effect would be amplified on the scale of a train or metro during rush hour!

Protecting yourself with mom® pendants

It is therefore essential, regardless of your degree of sensitivity, to protect yourself when using public transport. By emitting an energy field composed of scalar waves, the mom®1 and mom®6 energy pendants act as natural and protective shields for their wearers, safeguarding them from external aggressions by transforming harmful electromagnetic waves into beneficial ones. Moreover, since they both actively promote the energy rebalancing and electromagnetic potential of their wearer, and contribute to a state of well-being, they are useful companions when travelling on public transport, which is often synonymous with stress in an increasingly multi-modal environment.

Your Espace mom® team