If you are reading this article, it is because, like us, you share a holistic view of life and the world in general, defined by the vibratory rate of things. Everything is energy before it is matter, including our relationships with loved ones. This means every exchange is primarily an energetic exchange. To be in contact or to live with others – whether it be our spouse, our children, family members or friends – involves feeling their energy, in the same way that they feel ours. A home is full of diverse energies, both positive and negative, depending on the vibratory rate of its occupants. And the occupants themselves are subject to the influence of certain energies, both positive and negative, which can impact their own energy field.


Positive and negative vibrational frequencies


A bad atmosphere at work for instance may cause you to return home in a bad mood and under stress. These states will be reflected in your energy field, which you spread – often in spite of yourself – to others in your household. Conversely, when you return home after having experienced a positive event that brought you joy, your vibrational frequency will be imprinted with this “joyful” energy field, which also spreads in your home by “contaminating” its occupants. Ups and downs are a part of life, and the energy that emanates from us and our loved ones is never constant, oscillating back and forth from positive to negative, and vice versa.


Healthy and peaceful interpersonal exchanges


Using scalar waves to stabilise these different energy flows in the home is a simple and natural solution to protect yourself and your family members from all energy variations that are directly tied to interpersonal relationships. The mom® environmental corrector is particularly well suited for this purpose. While it protects the home from various types of harmful waves (Wi-Fi, 5G, cell towers nearby, etc.), this 6-sided cube –which features a 22 cm diameter oscillator on each face and a range of approximately 50 meters in all directions – spreads a serene and feng shui atmosphere that promotes healing thanks to the scalar waves it radiates. This reinforces the vitality and well-being of the whole family, favouring healthy and peaceful interpersonal exchanges, and encourages communication between members of the household by freeing up speech and anything left unsaid.


Your Espace mom® team