The benefits of scalar energy go far beyond the realm of human health. Many studies have proven that these spiral waves, produced only by certain, usually spherical, transmitters such as the sun or the earth, heal all living things. Humans, animals, and also plants, just like all living things, are capable of both generating and receiving this type of energy. Even if current scientific technologies are still unable to detect them, both Nikola Tesla (1900—1940) and our current physicist, Dr. Meyl, have proven their existence through very precise experimental studies.

The more modern counterpart has demonstrated that the vortex formed by the liquids of the animal or human body (blood, lymph, etc.) and plants (sap) reacts with the neutrinos (elementary particles that move in the form of scalar waves) coming from the outside (notably the sun) according to a phenomenon that he calls “natural neutrinolysis of water”, which is what enables energy to be transferred. As these waves have been generating more and more interest from doctors and certain practitioners who see them as a medicine of tomorrow, it isn’t far-fetched to think that they may be soon seen as a basis of veterinary medicine.

A Natural Attraction

“Animals in particular are drawn to scalar waves. They seem to be naturally attracted to these waves, as if their instincts know they are beneficial to them,” says Hubert Mauerer, Espace mom® founder. Testimonials from users of mom® solutions report that their cats particularly like to lie on the mom® 108 scalar wave healing mattress, preferring it to the sofa or other comfy spots in the room.

Placed on the ground, or near your pet’s bed, the mom® environment corrector will prove to be an essential tool in improving the health of your four-legged friends. Their bodies will benefit from the scalar energy emitted by this six-sided cube, where each side contains a Lakovsky type oscillator. “To this day, the most suitable mom® solution for animals remains the mom®6, the mini cube pendant which, thanks to its compact profile, can be attached directly to your pet’s collar, allowing them to benefit from the healing effects of scalar energy at all times”, the Espace mom® leader concludes.