Redness, blotches, scaling irritation or itching are the main symptoms of skin diseases. These include psoriasis, shingles, lupus or vitiligo, the most common being eczema. This dermatological condition, also known as atopic dermatitis, affects nearly 10% of the population, and is characterised by serious itching on dry skin, even leading to blisters in its most severe forms. It mostly affects the hands, face and scalp as well as the inside of the elbows and the back of the knees. Whether these skin diseases are hereditary, autoimmune or allergic in origin, their cause often remains a mystery. Psycho-emotional elements mays play a key role, especially for eczema and psoriasis, but this is also true for lichen planus, vitiligo, lupus and many other diseases. So instead of turning to corticosteroids that will temporarily soothe symptoms, we must pay closer attention to the emotions that drive us and occasionally manifest themselves through the skin.


The skin is the memory bank of emotions


With 5 million sensory cells, the skin is said by some doctors to be the most important organ in our body. It is intrinsically linked to our nervous system, as both develop at the same time in the mother’s womb. Indeed, the ectoplasm – the outer layer of the foetus –invaginates on the 21st day of pregnancy, creating the nervous system on the inside and the skin on the outside. This physiological concordance would partly explain the idea, defended by many specialists, that the skin is the reflection of our emotions. The pioneer in this field is psychoanalyst Didier Anzieu, author of “Le Moi-Peau” (The Skin-Ego) published in 1974, when psychoanalysis began to be associated with dermatology. The skin receives, the skin transmits, the skin is a wonderful tool of body language. That’s why we must pay close attention to the messages it sends us.


Scalar waves and emotions


When it comes to our emotions, scalar waves can become allies from the moment intent is born. As Hubert Mauerer puts it, “scalars go along with the individual”. In other words, they support our intent. So when our emotions reveal an emotional or psychological issue through skin symptoms, it is important to pay close attention and show clear intent to solve it. Once this conscious step has been taken, the mom® solutions, which generate beneficial scalar waves, can help you mitigate the emotional disturbances that are expressed through the skin.


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