Yoga is now more than ever a part of the times. In modern society, where our pace of life is constantly increasing, imparting its share of stress and hardship, many people have devoted themselves to this discipline of the body and mind through its different streams (yoga sutras, hathayoga, bikram yoga, etc.). With the goal of “calming the movements of our mind”, we rely on physical postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama) and deep relaxation (yoga nidra) or meditation to perform this practice. The beneficial effects of regular yoga practice are measured in depth, both physically and mentally. By practicing yoga, we seek not only to balance our physical and mental fortitude, but also our energetic body, this complex entity we can neither touch nor see, but where prana, our life force, circulates freely. 

Capturing this “invisible light”

But what exactly are scalar waves, the scientific discovery that forms the basis of all our mom® solutions, if not “a highly penetrating energy, an invisible light that comes from the cosmos, the sun, the rocks, the earth and all the living things that inhabit it”? Niokla Tesla was the first to demonstrate the existence of these small, superabundant particles we find in our universe, in single-helix waves, that nourish us at all times, making contact with our entire body every tens-of-billions of seconds, and passing through it just as easily. The physical yoga asanas, as well as the sequences proposed in Tai Chi chuan, Qi Gong or even dance, are simply different ways of capturing this same “invisible light”, in other words scalar energy, through our body’s movements. There are thousands of exercises and postures that vitalize specific parts of our body, nourish its cells with light and strengthen our consciousness.

mom® Solutions to Optimize Yoga

Since mom® solutions generate scalar waves that can heal living things, some of our devices are particularly well suited to yoga, optimizing and reinforcing its healing effects. The mom® environment corrector has an ideal place on the ground in the room where you practice yoga. By generating scalar waves that convert electromagnetic wave pollution into healing energy, this six-sided cube, with each side containing a Lakovsky oscillator, you can purify an area to practice your yoga in an area already filled with positive, healing vibrations. The mom®1 and mom®2 energy pendants, as well as the mini cube, act directly on the person wearing them. And they do this all the while protecting the meditator from daily external electromagnetic attacks, providing them with calm during yoga sessions and reducing stress, anxiety and pain, directly feeding the heart of their cells with healing energy. Helping in its wearer’s overall energy rebalance, these pendants are a great tool for dialing in the benefits we look for in yoga.