According to the center for water data, 67% of French residents stated they drank tap water in 2020. 174,000 liters of drinkable water flow from our faucets each second, totaling 5.5 billion cubic meters of water each year nationwide. If in 2004, a Senate report seriously put into doubt the quality of this water, it should be safe to assume that standards have increased quite a bit since then. However, since tap water comes directly from our environment, it contains what we find therein. Even if some of the “contaminants” really don’t affect our health, like calcium from the layers of limestone that groundwater passes through, others need to be looked at more closely, such as nitrates and, more importantly, pesticides. You may be surprised to learn that for the latter, a total amount of 0.5 micrograms per liter is legally allowed in the water we use not only for hydration, but also to clean ourselves, our dishes and to fill our pools. In other words, the tap water that we ingest on a daily basis in massive quantities are far from being as clean as spring water. This is cause for concern when we look at an average of 150 liters consumed per person per day.

The effects of scalar energy on water

Scalar energy is a fundamental aspect of what physicists call “the background noise”, a combination of waves without which life never would have been possible. These small, superabundant particles we find in our universe nourish us at all times, making contact with our entire body every tens-of-billions of seconds, and passing through it just as easily. We understand how these healing waves, which have the capacity to transform electromagnetic wave into emissions that benefit life, can be precious when it comes to healing or purifying the tap water we drink. Acting on the very center of water cells, scalar waves can remove the various pollutants and transform it back to its original state.

The mom®11 scalarizer, scalar wave generator for water and drinks

The newest mom® solution, the mom®11 scalarizer, generates scalar waves in order to annihilate, in just 15 seconds, the effects of harmful contaminants in our water, both tap water and bottled water as well as all our other drinks: water, juice, teas, infusions, coffee, wine, etc. And it penetrates all types of containers, such as mugs, glasses, carafes, thermoses, etc., thanks to its base, making it very easy to use. After passing through our hands and receiving the beneficial emission in scalar waves, water and drinks not only become purified of any harmful contaminants they may contain but are also enhanced on a vibratory and beneficial level. For optimal effects, the drink must be consumed directly after being placed on the scalarizer. 

The Espace mom® team